18 Innovative Construction Materials That Could Revolutionize the Industry

18 Innovative Construction Materials That Could Revolutionize the Industry

Sep, 2019

A building should be robust, lightweight, reliable, and flexible. No longer the bulky structures are in the scenario. Engineers and scientists are continuously working on various materials to achieve the new standards of modern concept building. Innovative approaches in the construction industry will help address issues like poor productivity, the rising cost of materials, poor project performance, skills labor shortage, and sustainability and efficiency.

Some construction materials are the result of new technology and 8innovation that will shape the construction industry’s future. Self Healing Concrete, 3D Graphene, Aerographite, Laminated Timber, Modular Bamboo, Transparent Aluminum, Translucent Wood, Light-Generating Concrete, Microbial Cellulose, Spider silk, Aluminum Foam, Nanocrystal, Cigarette Butt Bricks, Pollution Absorbing Brick, Hydroceramics, Biochar, Biodegradable Furniture, Cabkoma Strand Rod are some new era construction materials that will change the use of various traditional construction material completely. Check out the infographic below to learn more about the benefits and uses of innovative construction materials.

18 Innovative Construction Materials That Could Revolutionize the Industry

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