Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Construction [Infographic]

Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Construction

Jul, 2019

In simple language, artificial intelligence can be explained as the simulation of human intelligence based on programming, machine learning, and historical data. Machines equipped with artificial intelligence are also known as intelligent machines that can work and process like humans.

Speech recognition, learning, planning, and problem-solving are some critical tasks that machines perform using AI. There is a vast scope of artificial intelligence in different sectors, including health, transportation, manufacturing, space industry, banking & finance, and many more.

The evolution of artificial intelligence started in the year 2000 in the construction industry. Since then, the field of artificial intelligence has been seeing new heights. Time-saving, performing complex and risky tasks, 24×7 non-stop working, and accuracy are some of the significant benefits of artificial intelligence that you can leverage.

Along with all these benefits, some challenges are associated with artificial intelligence. Trust issues, intensive cost, legalization, and data security are critical risks in using artificial intelligence.

You can peek at the infographic below to get more information about AI and its future.

Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Construction [Infographic]

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