How to Choose a Metal Building to Confront Hurricane & High Winds

How to Choose a Metal Building to Confront Hurricane & High Winds

How to Choose a Metal Building to Confront Hurricane & High Winds
Jun, 2020

The season of hurricanes and high winds are about to start in many parts of the United States. In such a tough situation, you must prepare your metal buildings to make it resistant to high winds, hurricanes, hailstorms, and other weather hazards.

Recall deadliest hurricane of 1900 that hit the United States and witnessed loss ranging between 8,000 and 12,000 people. The disaster was so devastating that it was impossible to predict the exact number of people killed, along with a precise count of people involved in recovery efforts.

Another devastating hurricane ever happened in US history is 1928 Okeechobee Hurricane, better known as San Felipe Segundo hurricane. It claimed lives between 2,500 to 3,000. Apart from these two deadliest and disastrous hurricanes in US history, many others have been witnessed.

So, if you live in a hurricane-prone area, it’s highly recommended to make your prefab metal building hurricane-resistant. Many of you already know the sustainability of steel buildings against weather elements like high winds, rainfall, heavy snowfall, hail storm, etc.

Hurricanes Are Tough For Metal Buildings

A hurricane is a tropical storm that can reach a speed of 74mph. High wind speed, heavy damage, deaths, and high intensity are basic elaborations for a hurricane. With increasing wind gust, damage level proportionally increases, causing unexpected loss to assets and human lives.

Not every metal building structure can confront hurricanes. Hence it’s essential to ensure you have certified metal structures that can safeguard your valuables from high winds, tornados, hurricanes, and other weather elements.

But how can you make your steel structure resistant to hurricanes? Below listed are some tips that you must consider while installing a hurricane-resistant metal building.

Consider Wind Resistant Factors

You need to consider the Exposure rating that includes wind threat levels in various parts of the country. Check out Exposure ratings:

Exposure B: In urban and suburban areas, low wind threat is found, which is considered as an Exposure B rating. It is considered a default rating for metal building installation.

Exposure C: Open and rural areas that have limited buildings or hills below 30 feet high are considered under the Exposure C rating. With minimal obstruction, chances of destruction are high, and hence you require an appropriate wind load design.

Exposure D: The highest ratings are assigned to a flat area that doesn’t have any obstruction, causing maximum damage to your metal structure.

Technically, wind breaks-down into three forces i.e., shear load, lateral load, and uplift load. Each force has its impact on building, causing damages to your structures. So, during metal building installation, Exposure rating is a must to make a hurricane-resistant building.

Consider Frame Options

Undoubtedly, steel is the best metal for building installation that can sustain against heavy snow load and high wind speed. High strength to weight ratio is another big reason for considering steel in the construction industry. However, to make a certified metal building that can confront high winds like tornados and hurricanes, finding the right frame options is essential.

Rigid Frame (I-beam): Rigid frames are most commonly used in commercial metal buildings. Supported with shallow roof, these steel farming can sustain extreme weather conditions hassle-free.

Open Web Truss: Open web truss is most common in residential buildings. This steel frame is heavier, offering high strength to structure. Yet, it delivers the utmost durability to resist high winds.

If a metal building manufacturer installs a certified metal structure, it can easily surpass 5 decades without frequent maintenance.

Choose Right Anchors

In metal building installation, four types of anchors are considered, i.e.:

  • Rebar Anchors
  • Concrete Anchors
  • Mobile Home Anchors
  • Asphalt Anchors

In increasing the strength of a metal building, it’s essential to choose the right anchor. Every anchor has its importance in different scenarios. So, you must select the right metal building anchor that can add strength to your building. Also, you can directly call our experts at 877-801-3263 and know more about the best-suited anchor for your new metal structure.

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Consider Height & Roof Pitch

The height and roof pitch of your home plays a vital role in determining the effect of wind. Compared to lower buildings, taller structures experience high wind force. Another significant factor that affects your building strength is the number of surrounding structures. Flat roofs have less strength compared to the a-frame roof. Furthermore, High pitch roof is more sustainable to high winds compared to other low-pitched roofs.

So, you must consider these height-related pointers while installing a metal structure at your property.

Consider Side Panels & Roof

The thickness of side panels and doors also impacts its overall strength. That’s why you are recommended to opt for 26-gauge steel panels that can resist wind pressure and stay long. Moreover, buildings with purlin bearing rib panels are ber than shallower-depth designs.

Moreover, metal building manufacturers do provide 14-ga and 12-ga roofing options for your metal structure. 12-ga steel is far better to sustain harsh weather.

Also, many manufacturers provide wind-rated doors to prevent environmental damage and deliver complete safety in hurricane-prone areas.

Above all, steel is the ultimate building option that can confront adverse weather conditions and gives you complete safety for decades. Compared to conventional wood structures, you can rely on custom metal buildings and use it with low maintenance cost.

So, are you ready to install a hurricane-resistant building?

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