Different Types of Anchors for Metal Carports and Metal Buildings

Different Types of Anchors for Metal Carports

Metal Carport Anchors
Mar, 2017

Metal carports made of steel are strong and durable structure that protect whatever is kept underneath. However, the strength and sturdiness of a metal carport is dependent primarily on how it has been anchored to the ground. An anchor secures the carport to the foundation preventing it from being blown over by strong winds. If a carport is not anchored properly, its safety and that of the items stored under it are at risk. Viking Steel Structures believe that your metal carport is as strong as the anchoring system used. We are committed to ensuring that your carports are anchored properly so that they serve you for a very long time. Factors that affect the type of anchors to use while installing your metal carport,

Carport anchors ensure the strength and stability of your metal structures. Viking Steel Structures have different anchors that can be used to secure your metal carport. Here are a few things that determine the type of anchors to be used when installing your metal carport.


Metal carports can be built on the bare ground. They can also be erected on foundations that are made of either concrete or asphalt. Foundation has a bearing on the type of anchors used and this is one of the key consideration that potential carport dealer and installer have to make before putting up their structures.


Building your metal carport on the bare ground can lower your initial cost of putting up a carport as opposed to building a foundation and then erecting the carport, but carports that are build this way are not very stable. Building a foundation for your carport provides a sturdy base that keeps everything in place even in harsh weather conditions such as strong winds and hail storms.


The weather conditions affect the type of anchors that you can use for your structures. This is an important consideration especially when you plan on erecting your carport on the bare ground. Bare surfaces are prone to erosion by strong winds and running water and this could compromise the stability of your structure.

Types of Metal Carports Anchors

There are different types of anchors that can be used to fix your carports and they depend on primarily on the type of surface onto which the carports are installed. As mentioned earlier, surfaces on which metal carports are installed are either concrete or asphalt foundations although they can still be installed on the bare ground. Metal carports anchored on concrete and asphalt bases are stronger and much more stable than those built on the bare ground. Our experts recommend having your carport built on concrete or asphalt foundations as they cannot be eroded by strong wind and/or running water. This ensures that the stability of your structure remains intact and you get to use it for many more years. Let’s now take a look at the different types of carport anchors.

Rebar AnchorsRebar Anchor

Rebar anchors are usually made of steel and they measure ½” by 32”. Rebar anchors are used to reinforce metal carports to gravel or bare soil foundations. Rebar anchors are effective on areas that are not windy. High winds erode the area around the anchor and this affects the stability of the entire structure. Installation of metal carports with rebar anchors entails drilling a hole into the base of the rail, fixing the anchor and securing it in the ground.

Auger Anchors or Mobile Home Anchors

Auger anchors can be used to fix metal carports on a bare surface without foundation. However, the surface should be level for a firm hold. Auger AnchorsAuger type anchors are driven into dirt, holding onto the soil firmly to provide adequate support to the metal structure on top. They can be installed on windy places or areas with loose soil without compromising the strength and stability of the structure.

Auger anchors are the standard anchors for ground building certifications and therefore these are the anchors that you should use to secure your carport structure if you want to certify that building. Our building experts are very careful to ensure proper installation of the anchors for extra stability.

Auger and rebar anchors are the two types of carport anchors that can be used on soil foundations and of the two types, Viking Steel Structures recommends the latter. Contact us now and let the experts firmly secure your metal carport.

Concrete Anchors

Concrete anchors are ideal for securing custom metal carports to concrete foundations. The installation procedure for steel carports with Concrete Anchorsconcrete anchors involves drilling holes into the concrete foundation, placing the anchor into the hole and fastening the nut. The size of the foundation, lateral thickness of the concrete slab, determines the size of concrete anchor to be used. Thicker slabs can safely accommodate anchors of any size but with thin slabs you should only use shorter anchors.

Concrete anchors provide support to the structures above them by expanding when tightened. When concrete anchors are used on less sturdy surfaces such as asphalt, it causes cracking when they expand. Concrete anchors should therefore not be used on asphalt foundations.

Asphalt Anchors

As the name suggests, asphalt anchors are to hold metal buildings on an asphalt foundation. Asphalt anchors are built with barbs to the side Asphalt Anchoror feature screw-like threads that secure the structure on an asphalt foundation. Asphalt foundations are usually made by mixing together sand, gravel and tiny stones and such a foundation would easily crack when concrete anchors that expand when fastened are used on them.


At Viking Steel Structures we have the capacity to install all these types of anchors. Before you proceed with the installation of your metal carport, give us a call and we will be able to advice you on the best anchoring system for your structure. We also have different metal carports for you to choose from that can be customized to your likes and preference. Our prices are fair and our commitment to excellence is unmatched.