DIY Carports: How to Build a Steel Carport?

DIY Carports: How to Build a Steel Carport?

Mar, 2018

DIY reduces stress, helps you to leave away from technology for a period, encourages to generate better ideas, increases self-reliance, and gives you satisfaction. Making your own steel carport is a realistic and easy thing if done in a process. A great myth about DIY metal carport is to install a carport there should be at least 4-5 people, where it can be done by just two people or in some cases by only you (for standard carport).

Buying a metal carports kit will be the initial step you need to take, there are various metal carport dealers which provide metal carport kit on competitive prices like Viking Steel Structures. All you need to ensure is whether the prices include the installation cost?

DIY Carport Process

  • Foundation

The most crucial step for carport installation is selecting the foundation of your metal building. Carports are not permanent steel structures, but they still suggested to be installed over a flat and solid foundation. Your foundation also decides what types of anchors you will need to connect the base rails with the foundation.

NOTE: Selection of wrong anchors can give your carport wings! Call a Carport Expert @ +1 (877)-801-3263 to know more.

  • Understanding the Components

Every Carport kit is comprised of metal components like base rail, legs, truss, carport anchors, panels, and trims. These components when assembled together they form a structure.

  • Structure Formation (Assembly Plan)

Go through the assembly instructions thoroughly, a very few carport kit dealers do provide installation manuals. Installation instructions can help you in taking all precautionary measures, tool and material requirements which will be required while installing the carport.

  • Base Installation

These are horizontal tubular carport frames that connect the whole structure with the foundation with the help of anchors. The strength and robustness of your metal carport depend on how well the base rail is connected to the foundation.

  • Uprights/Legs

Uprights better known as legs are the support system of the carport structure, you will get at least 4 legs with a kit, i.e., one for every corner. Legs will be attached to the base railing and top railing to form the structure of the carport.

  • Truss & Roof

Main frame of roof, also called a truss, will be attached to the structure later, over which roof panels will be installed. Based on truss and roof carports can be classified into three categories Regular Roof carports, A-frame or Boxed-eave roof carports, and Vertical Roof carports.