How all Steel Buildings are Not Same?

How Every Steel Building is Different

Steel buildings are an affordable solution for all personal & commercial needs whether it’s about carports, barns or custom metal buildings. Prefab steel buildings offer many advantages over traditional construction. When you need to put up a carport, barn or commercial building quickly, steel buildings cut months off installation time and cost less to build. You can choose from a variety of building types, architectural styles, and roofing configurations to determine what works best for you.

However, quality of building depends on various factors like workmanship, steel gauge, production and galvanization of steel.

Benefits of Steel Buildings

Prefab steel buildings are much faster to install and easier to maintain than conventional buildings. There are several aspects you should look for to ensure the steel building you purchase is the best the industry has to offer without breaking your budget.

A prefab steel building includes several layers of protection to guard against rust. In addition to multiple coats of primer, stainless steel screws protect against rust and oxidation.

PRB versus R Panels

PBR panels contain an extra lip on edge for additional overlap with other panels, which provides metal-to-metal contact and an extra layer of protection from wind and weather. R panels have a much shorter overlap that mainly includes the highest point but not much of the downward slope between panels. As a result, PRB panels more effectively seal out weather and prolong the life of the steel building. By contrast, many companies use inferior R panels in their buildings.

Quality steel buildings have 26-gauge steel for the roof and wall panels. Many companies use lightweight 29-gauge steel. However, this lighter grade steel results in panels that warp or bow within half a year. This makes it easy for rodents, bugs and another pest to invade your building.

Make sure to contract with a steel building manufacturer that provides all the required trim in their standard package. This should include trim for every overhead door, eave, wainscot and gable trim, as well as every other trim needed for a polished appearance.

High-aluminum Panels

Look for AZ-55 galvalume panels that contain the most aluminum available to avoid rust on the sheeting. Beware of companies that offer AZ-50 or lower galvalume. Also, all secondary framing should be hot-dipped galvanized steel. By requiring the highest standards in the manufacturing process, we can guarantee the secondary framing with a lifetime warranty.

14-Gauge Base Rails

Our base rails are made of hot-dipped 14-gauge galvanized steel. The base angle supports the bottom of the sheeting, where snow, dirt, and debris congregate at the building base, resulting in greater protection.

Certified Vs. Non-Certified Steel Buildings

Certified steel buildings have longer life spans due to being made of 14-gauge certified and 12-gauge non-certified steel that resists buckling and structural damage due to aging and weather. A certified steel barn has to follow state and local building regulations, while non-certified ones cannot guarantee the same type of quality standards. Certified steel buildings also require valid permitting, building blueprints, engineer reviews and pre- and postconstruction inspections.

Types of Steel Buildings

  • Metal Carports– Keep your car snow free and protect it from the damaging rays of the sun in the summertime.
  • Enclosed Steel Garages-Protect your vehicles in a completely enclosed building with extra space available for valuable storage.
  • RV Cover- A metal RV carport protects your travel home from damage caused by harsh weather conditions and has larger dimensions to accommodate your traveling home.
  • Commercial Steel Buildings-Large prefab buildings reduce construction and installation time while giving you the space you need to start or expand your business.
  • Metal Workshops-Steel buildings make excellent workshops set away from other structures on your land to reduce noise, dust, and debris inside your home.
  • Clear Span Metal Buildings– These structures allow for fast installation, flexible designs, and cost-effective construction. A myriad of applications includes event centers, aircraft hangars and oil and gas buildings.
  • Metal Horse Barns-Prefab barns protect your equipment, livestock, and feed and assemble in days instead of months required for traditional building methods.

Steel Building Styles

There are three types of steel buildings, and each has its benefits. Overall, vertical steel roofing lasts the longest and is the most expensive.

Regular Steel Building with a Wrapped Panel

Regular steel buildings have the rounded end caps that add some additional protection over boxed eave steel buildings.

Features include:

  • Horizontal galvanized framing
  • Roof trim for continuity and weather protection
  • Horizontal roof panels that are cheaper to install

The Vertical Carport

This is the highest quality and strongest roof type, and it disperses water from the center to the sides.

Features include:

  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Full deep -set Eaves and roof
  • A-Frame architecture
  • Additional roof support
  • Durable vertical roof panels
  • Long-lasting and best type to repel water

Horizontal Framing with Boxed Eave

Horizontal steel roofing uses cost-effective panels that are more likely to retain snow, water, and debris. It doesn’t have the rounded end caps of regular horizontal roofing.

Features include:

  • Horizontal galvanized frame
  • End roof and eave trim
  • A-Frame architecture
  • Horizontal roof panels

There are many types of steel buildings, including enclosed garages, carports, barns and different types of commercial buildings. Cookie cutter panels, beams, and trim won’t produce the top-quality steel building you deserve. So, we craft every component in our steel buildings for its intended use.


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