Prices of Shed Metal Sheds | Price Table of Steel Sheds for Sale

Prices of Shed Buildings

Prices of Metal Sheds

Metal sheds are the open-air roofed structures that can defend your assets against anything harmful from the skyway. You can protect your car or equipment from environmental elements like sun, water, and dirt that can degrade your valuables. The initial prices of the shed are $1095 and may vary according to design, size, and customizations. Viking Steel Structures is providing the best quality metal sheds at competitive shed prices. You can utilize your shed for multipurpose like car shed, garden shed, equipment shed, boat cover, bike parking, etc.

Things To Be Considered About Sheds Prices

There are some factors that can deflect your shed’s cost. Let’s have a look at these factors.

Permits: Authorities of some states defined some ratings according to local winds and snow loads. If your region also asks for the permit, then you need to get the permit or certification according to the weather ratings. In the process of getting the permit, you have to submit a license fee, and this can vary the cost of building a shed.  You should talk to your building dealer or local authorities to confirm whether you need a permit or not.

Manufacturer: It’s not compulsory that every dealer offers the same price for the same style. You might get various sheds pricing from numerous manufacturers. Choosing the dealer offering the lowest price can turn out to be a mistake or a wrong decision. This is because some fraud building providers offer amazing prices but fool you with the worst quality building that won’t last for long. You should buy your steel shed from a reputed dealer with satisfying reviews or feedbacks. Viking Steel Structure has many happy customers, satisfied with our services and products. We provide high standard metal sheds at affordable shed prices.

Location: Your location can also influence the price of the shed because your building provider might add some extra charges according to the reachability. If you are situated at a substantial distance from the manufacturer, then the final shed cost gets escalated. We have ample sales bases across the country and quickly provide you your building without changing the prices for you.

Building Design: The design of shed is the factor that can raise the cost to build a shed. More complicated styles require more resources and efforts to be fabricated. Manufacturers charge you according to utilized resources and efforts. You don’t need to drop your building’s design idea, and we can get you the same at affordable rates.

Customizations: The metal sheds prices increase with every transformation you acquire in your shed. Metal buildings are fully customizable, and you can change the size, design, roof-style, panel orientations, color, etc. You can get any transformation according to your functional and structural needs, but you are charged correspondingly. You also have one opportunity to choose from our custom steel buildings, or you can self design your steel shed with our 3D Estimator. You design your building, and we will provide you the same at the reasonable cost of the shed.

How Much Do Metal sheds Cost?

You can check the steel sheds pricing list in the table below and find your steel shed’s price.

Prices of Shed Buildings (12′-24′ Wide)
Regular Style Boxed Eave Style Vertical Roof Style
12X21 $1,295 12X21 $1,395 12X21 $1,695
12X26 $1,595 12X26 $1,795 12X26 $2,095
12X31 $1,795 12X31 $2,195 12X31 $2,495
12X36 $1,995 12X36 $2,495 12X36 $2,895
12X41 N/A 12X41 N/A 12X41 $3,395
18X21 $1,395 18X21 $1,595 18X21 $1,795
18X26 $1,695 18X26 $1,895 18X26 $2,195
18X31 $1,895 18X31 $2,295 18X31 $2,695
18X36 $2,195 18X36 $2,695 18X36 $3,095
18X41 N/A 18X41 N/A 18X41 $3,595
20X21 $1,695 20X21 $1,795 20X21 $1,995
20X26 $1,995 20X26 $2,195 20X26 $2,495
20X31 $2,395 20X31 $2,695 20X31 $3,095
20X36 $2,795 20X36 $3,095 20X36 $3,595
20X41 N/A 20X41 N/A 20X41 $4,095
22X21 $1,895 22X21 $1,995 22X21 $2,395
22X26 $2,295 22X26 $2,495 22X26 $2,995
22X31 $2,695 22X31 $3,095 22X31 $3,595
22X36 $3,095 22X36 $3,595 22X36 $4,195
22X41 N/A 22X41 N/A 22X41 $4,795
24X21 $1,995 24X21 $2,295 24X21 $2,495
24X26 $2,495 24X26 $2,795 24X26 $3,095
24X31 $2,995 24X31 $3,395 24X31 $3,795
24X36 $3,395 24X36 $3,995 24X36 $4,395
24X41 N/A 24X41 N/A 24X41 $4,995
Prices of Shed Buildings (26′-30′ Wide)
Regular Style BoXed Eave Style Vertical Roof Style
26X21 $2,795 26X21 $2,895 26X21 $3,195
26X26 $3,395 26X26 $3,595 26X26 $3,995
26X31 $4,095 26X31 $4,295 26X31 $4,895
26X36 $4,795 26X36 $4,995 26X36 $5,695
26X41 N/A 26X41 N/A 26X41 $6,495
28X21 $2,895 28X21 $2,995 28X21 $3,395
28X26 $3,595 28X26 $3,695 28X26 $4,195
28X31 $4,295 28X31 $4,495 28X31 $4,995
28X36 $4,995 28X36 $5,195 28X36 $5,895
28X41 N/A 28X41 N/A 28X41 $6,695
30X21 $2,995 30X21 $3,095 30X21 $3,495
30X26 $3,695 30X26 $3,895 30X26 $4,295
30X31 $4,495 30X31 $4,695 30X31 $5,195
30X36 $5,195 30X36 $5,495 30X36 $6,095
30X41 N/A 30X41 N/A 30X41 $6,995


*Note: Above mentioned prices are subject to change by the location and manufacturers.

You can get the ample quality sheds buildings and shed kits at Viking Steel Structures. You’ll get a 20-year warranty, 10-year panel warranty, 1-year workmanship warranty, and free delivery and installation. If you can’t pay the whole amount together, then you can get your metal shed with the help of your Rent-to-Own and Financing Programs. To grab all these benefits, order your metal shed now.

Viking also provides shed kits, and you can get from us at impressive kits prices. Call us 877-801-3263 to get your metal building kit.

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