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Rent to Own Program

Rent to Own steel buildings are the ultimate option for buyers who cannot qualify for loans for their dream steel structure due to poor credit scores. Check how our RTO metal building program can benefit you if you're interested in renting to own your new metal building.

No Credit Check Required

Affordable Monthly Payments with No Credit Check or Credit Score!

Instant Approvals

Same Day Approvals. Hassle-Free Process, No Obligation!

Flexible Payment Options

Flexible Payment Options Allow Anyone to Own A Metal Building with A Small Upfront Payment.

Ownership in 36 Months or Less

Once You Complete Your Schedule of Payments with Agreement Options Up to 36 Months, You Become An Owner!

Build Equity

RTO Program Offered by Viking Steel Structures Will Get You Closer to Owning Your Dream Building.

More Than Just Storage

Use Your Building As A Workplace, Art-showcase, She Shed, Man Cave, Garden Shed, Workshop, etc.

Monthly Contract Available

With Our RTO Program Once You Get Approval, Just Keep Up With Your Easy Monthly Payments.

Delivery and Installation Included

The final price includes installation & delivery costs. Hence, you know the total cost for your new metal building up front.

financing option

Flexible payment terms

(24-72 months)

Same as Cash available

for 3, 6 & 12 months terms

Financing available

up to 50K Building price

Payoff anytime

and own your building

Looking for a best-fit steel building in Charlotte that can serve your custom needs and fit in your budget? Viking Steel Structures offers a wide range of prefab buildings that are 100% American-manufactured and provide long-lasting service and protection against adverse weather conditions. You can also choose Certified metal structures in Charlotte, which offer superior quality and outstanding value.

You can count on us for a prefabricated metal building in Charlotte, North Carolina, that meets your specifications. We have a comprehensive range of steel buildings in Charlotte with direct factory shipment. You can decide on widths, lengths, heights, roof styles, and other customization options to fit your requirements.


The demand for prefabricated steel buildings in Charlotte has grown with time. Viking Steel Structures understand the growing demand, providing precision-engineered and finely constructed steel buildings without sacrificing quality or timeliness. Moreover, installation time and maintenance costs are decreased compared to traditional timber buildings.

We offer various types of Charlotte metal buildings based on your custom needs. We always have a precise investment option whether you need to secure your livestock or park your vehicles. Above all, the final building price includes delivery and installation. It means you don’t need to pay extra for delivery and onsite installation.


Investing in custom metal buildings provides peace of mind with a one-time investment and long-term benefits. Above all, you don’t need to worry about sheltering your belongings from natural calamities and vandalism. Metal structures are the ultimate buildings to confront harsh weather conditions. Versatile design and certification against tornadoes, high winds, heavy rain, hurricanes, snowfall, etc., make it the top contender in different construction alternatives.

Steel’s strength and versatility make it the preferred material for most uses, including garages, shops, agricultural storage, churches, aviation hangars, homes, recreational centers, arenas, and commercial and industrial projects. The present steel building offering is nothing like what has come before.

Metal buildings outperform traditional stick buildings in terms of rot, decay, high maintenance expenses, etc. You can also make the exterior look like any wood-built structure you’ve seen while still reaping the benefits of steel with the correct bundle.

You can check our extensive catalog that includes various types of metal buildings in Charlotte city:


Thorough research is always suggested to shortlist the best-matching steel structure in Charlotte. Our 3D building estimator gives you the liberty to design a fully customized metal building. You can now get a 3D visualization of your steel structure and place an order instantly 1o buy metal buildings in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Before you invest your time and efforts in buying a custom steel building in Charlotte, you must know about the color planner and component visualizer.

Color Planner:  Color Planner lets you choose colors for your Charlotte metal buildings and structures’ walls, roof, trim, and walls. We provide 15 unique color options for side panels, walls, and trim. You can also select the door color in metal buildings in Charlotte. Post selection, you can ‘SAVE’ it and complete the form with the necessary information to obtain the best pricing for your personalized metal construction.

Component Visualizer: Before ordering a steel building, you should be familiar with the essential construction components to ensure a smooth and trouble-free installation. The component visualizer provides detailed information on building components.

At Viking Steel Structures, you get a hassle-free platform to design your custom building and order it directly. You can customize your Charlotte steel metal structure with simple steps and check its 3D model before ordering.


Viking Steel Structures has simplified the way you shop for metal buildings in Charlotte. On our website, you can quickly check and design custom steel buildings that match Charlotte’s environmental & weather conditions.

Below are the steps you can follow to initiate your steel building buying journey.

Enter ZIP Code: Enter the ZIP Code where you want the metal building installed.

Choose a Building Style: We offer a wide range of metal buildings for people in Charlotte. Our steel structures are easily customizable and more adaptable as per your need.

Select Building Size: Select the width, length, and height required.

Customize Sides and Ends: Choose the panel selections for your building’s sides and end walls. You can also make in-demand additional changes like – Side Wall Siding Panels, Panel & Roof Gauge, Engineer Certified, Mobile Home Anchors, and Insulation are examples of ‘Additional Options.’ So, make your choices accordingly.

Finally, you can submit your quote to our steel building specialist.

Metal buildings in Charlotte, NC, are reasonably priced, allowing you to order your building immediately. When purchasing a metal building in Charlotte, price is usually an important consideration. We have a variety of solutions with unlimited customization options for homeowners on a tight budget.


Our Charlotte metal buildings and structures deliver surprising benefits to any property owner needing a new residential or commercial building. Compared to traditional steel constructions in the area, prefab metal buildings in Charlotte provide various advantages.

Following are the advantages of metal structures over wood buildings:

Cost-Effective: Charlotte metal structures are superior to traditional stick buildings, made with 100 galvanized steel that can serve you for decades without fail.

Versatile Designs: Design is not an issue when you need a flawless metal building that fulfills your needs. If you are not content with the provided structures, you may easily customize them to make your own.

Robust & Durable: Charlotte metal buildings are built to last, so you can count on them completely. Whether you order a Charlotte metal carport or a metal workshop, you can rest confident that you will be completely protected for the next several decades.

Rust Free: Rust can harm standard steel, but metal constructions use 100% galvanized steel resistant to rust. Galvanization provides a protective zinc layer to steel, strengthening it and making it rust-free.

Certified Metal Buildings: You can choose from 12-ga and 14-ga steel panels. Furthermore, you have roofing options ranging from 22-ga to 29-ga to ensure your building can survive harsh weather such as hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds, heavy snowfall, and other weather conditions. In brief, your building has a documented certification proving it can withstand inclement weather.

Minimal Maintenance: Steel buildings don’t require regular upkeep or maintenance. Metal constructions can be used without incurring high maintenance costs. Steel constructions are insect-resistant, fire-resistant, and rustproof, ensuring their endurance.

Pest and Fire Resistance: Unlike traditional wood structures, metal buildings are resistant to pests and fire. It not only makes them highly durable and easy to care for, but it also provides you with unparalleled peace of mind.

Delivery & Installation Included: Metal buildings ordered from Viking Steel Structures come with quick delivery & installation. The final price of steel structures includes delivery & installation cost. So, you don’t require paying a single penny at the time of installation or not need to hire any third-party contractor.


Selecting the right installation site, cleaning the installation area, and using the appropriate drainage system, electricity connections, etc., are common problems you might face during building installation.

From primary framing to its trims and accessories, steel buildings are installed with 100% precision. Viking Steel Structures ensures you get a 100% American-manufactured steel building, whether you install it on concrete, asphalt, gravel, or mobile home anchors. We provide highly competitive prices for your prefab building in Charlotte, NC, including installation and delivery.


We take great pleasure in the quality of every structure, and we back it up with standard warranties on all of them. When you purchase a Charlotte steel building from us, you will receive a 20-year limited warranty on the rust-through of the building frame, assuming routine user care and maintenance. Another term of the guarantee is that if you modify a purchased product, the warranty for a metal building in Charlotte, NC, is voided.

Look no further if you want to buy or rent to own a pre-engineered metal building, utility building, garage, barn, or even a commercial building. Trust Viking Steel Structures and call us at (877)-801-3263 to learn more about ordering carports, metal sheds, loafing sheds, garages, metal barns, or motorhome covers in Charlotte, NC.


Viking Steel Structures in Charlotte, NC, provide robust and long-lasting metal buildings to meet your personal, residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural business needs. These structures are designed to exact-match your needs and fall within your budget. You can use them as a private space, riding arena, storage space, office space, or vehicle parking area. Below are some of the most popular building types known in the industry.

Metal Carports: We provide a wide selection of metal carports to protect your car, ATV, or boat. Our catalog includes regular roof carports, boxed eave roof carports, and vertical roof carports, which are all available at competitive pricing. You can personalize your metal carport by selecting various options such as roof design, double leg, walls, doors, steel gauge, etc.

Metal Garages: You require a garage building if you want to protect belongings from theft, pest infestations, and harsh weather. Prefab garages can serve numerous purposes other than providing peace of mind regarding your home’s security.

Homeowners also recommend steel garages to settle over-stuffed homes and relocate the unnecessary items in a metal storage garage.

Metal Barns: Metal barns are the first preference for farmers and ranchers. It is beneficial in livestock sheltering and storing hay, farm equipment, machinery, and other agricultural by-products. Depending on your needs, you may use specific types of steel barns. Horse Barns, Carolina Barns, Seneca Barns, and many others are available; you can easily customize them from us.

Metal RV Covers: If you own an RV, Camper, or motorhome, a Metal RV Cover becomes essential to safeguard your vehicle from theft and vandalism. Standard RV covers are ineffective at providing adequate safety, so metal RV covers are the best option. Regular RV Covers and Vertical RV Covers are the most common; however, you can modify them as needed.

Metal Workshops: Metal workshop buildings are the practical solution to protect your valuables from vandalism and harsh weather. We highly recommend buying a vertical roof workshop that can withstand hailstorms, tornadoes, high winds, and heavy snow, keeping your possessions secure.

Custom Metal Building: If none of the above fits your criteria, we still take your request for a custom metal building and go with custom steel buildings that can be customized and delivered to you. If nothing works for you, you still have a custom-building requirement; you can design your building and order it directly from our website. However, you can make endless customizations as per your future custom needs. We’d love to hear your ideas on how we can build and design a custom building that meets all your requirements.


At Charlotte, NC, we are delighted to bring you only the precisely crafted metal building at competitive prices! We are specialized in providing all types of metal buildings in the shortest lead time.

However, you must note that multiple factors determine the final cost of your building. Don’t worry; our financing experts are happy to find the deal payment option for you in Charlotte! Let’s check what factors are responsible for Charlotte steel building pricing.

Steel Prices: The global price of steel swings due to current events. Steel prices might rise or fall because of the pandemic, tariffs, and other variables.

Building Styles: Your building design considerably impacts the price per square foot. Our experts will gladly go over the price differences with you.

Roof Types: Because a regular roof uses less steel than a vertical roof, it is less expensive. The vertical roof is more durable and necessitates more steel reinforcing.

Building Dimensions: As you might anticipate, a three-car garage will be more expensive than a one-car carport. A big clearspan commercial building will cost more compared to a home building. However, when metal buildings’ size increases, their price per square foot decreases, making them more cost-effective!

Geographical Location: Some manufacturers and dealers may provide slightly varying pricing depending on your location.

Customization Options: Viking Steel Structures’ tremendous array of bespoke options will impact your costs. Elegant J-trim, beautiful gables, and other luxuries will raise the beauty but also the expense.

Certification: It also affects your metal building cost, but opting for a Charlotte-certified steel building improves the strength of your metal building in many ways, making certified steel structures the best choice.


Anyone can face monetary struggle, so the hurdle of full payment becomes a big problem for the Investing in an ideal metal building in Charlotte, North Carolina, you are making the right investment. Viking Steel Structures’ Rent-to-Own Buildings are a clever choice developed for clients facing financial restraints and requiring a solution for their steel structure. RTO allows you to use a metal storage structure till you need it. However, if you want to own it, you may pay it off at any moment.

With the metal building RTO program, you can get multiple benefits:

  • Low monthly payments with no credit check or credit score required!
  • Approvals on the same day. No hassle, no obligation!
  • Everyone may own a metal building with a small down payment and flexible payment choices.
  • You will become an owner once you have completed your payment schedule with agreement options of up to 36 months!
  • Viking Steel Structures’ RTO program will bring you one step closer to purchasing your dream building.
  • Use your building as a workspace, art gallery, she-shed, man cave, garden shed, workshop, and so on.
  • With our RTO program, keep up with your simple monthly payments once approved.
  • Delivery and installation of your dream metal building in Charlotte.


Our financing option will provide complete ownership of the structure. Another great option on our list includes a prefab building in Charlotte, North Carolina; you can apply with our metal building financing. Financing your metal building is a simple process that is divided into the following steps:

Apply for Financing: Before applying for financing, you must collect essential documents.

Get it Approved: Your Credit Score plays a vital role in financing approval. You can get a loan of up to $50K based on your credit score.

Receive Your Funds: Once approved, you can proceed further with your metal building order and get it installed at your property.

You can call us at (877)-801-3263 to discuss your personalized steel building requirements.


The estimated Delivery time frame isn’t guaranteed, but Viking Steel Structures provides you with a time frame when you have the maximum possibility to get your metal building.

10 days to 60 days 50%
61 days to 80 days 30%
81 days to 100 days 19%
101 days or over 1%


Viking Steel Structures is the one-stop destination for buying 100% American-manufactured metal buildings in Charlotte. We also provide certified metal buildings for sale in Charlotte at the most competitive pricing.

All the residents of Charlotte, North Carolina, must know the local building codes before ordering. All metal buildings at Viking Steel Structures are manufactured according to the local building codes. The delivery and installation are directly affected if you fail to get the permit from the local authority.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us at (877)-801-3263 for the best offer on metal buildings at affordable pricing. Also, extensive range of metal structures; you can also visit our metal buildings for sale page. We have skilled and trained building consultants that will assist you in determining the ideal metal structure for your needs.

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