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Sheds: Metal Over Wood

When it comes to sheds, you have two basic options: wood or metal. While wood sheds are more traditional, metal has a lot of advantages that wood simply can’t offer. Let’s look at why metal rules supreme when you’re shopping for an outdoor shed.

Metal Sheds Vs Wood Sheds

First and foremost is the fact that metal sheds are simply more durable than wood sheds. Wood can rot, decay, and be damaged by insects, while metal is impervious to these things. Metal can withstand the rain, snow, and wind, keeping your tools, garden supplies, and lawn equipment safe and sound. Metal sheds are also available in larger sizes than wooden sheds so they can accommodate whatever it is you need to store, whereas wood sheds aren’t available in sizes big enough to store really large items. Some metal sheds come with a garage door so you can have easy access to large items, where this would logistically be impossible for a wood shed to have. Metal also come in a variety of colors, so you don’t have to settle for an uninspired, typical shed sitting at the corner of your property. Metal sheds are affordable and will last you a long time. Metal sheds are also easier to install than wood sheds, don’t require much maintenance, if any.


One of the major appeals of ownings wood sheds vs metal sheds is appearance. Wood sheds have a very rustic look and can be decorated in any way the owner sees fit, and are a symbol of Americana, as opposed to metal sheds. Wood sheds have windows and can come with shutters and look like an extension to your house. They also are available with different roof styles, including the A-frame and barn roof, unlike metal sheds. Wood roofs are also designed to hold more weight than metal roofs, and can withstand heavy snow falls that might cause a metal roof to cave in.


However, metal sheds are now more customizable than ever and can offer their own unique appearance to your property, and don’t require any special treatment to keep the structure from rotting or becoming infested with bugs. And while wood sheds might have roofs that hold more weight, metal sheds have roofs that keep water and other natural elements out, which wood sheds do not. High winds can easily blow off the roof of a wood shed, while a metal roof will hold steady under the same conditions. If we compare metal shed with wood shed, it will be a wise decision to go with metal due to its several advantages over wood shed.


If you’re looking for a metal shed for your property, Viking Steel Structures stands above the competition with our quick ordering process. We use American sourced steels and offer a building estimator and customization options, with 15 different colors for you to choose from. Our sheds are customizable based on your specific needs. And, if for some reason you aren’t happy with your order, our refunding process is a piece of cake. Browse our options today and get started on building the metal shed of your dreams.

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