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Metal buildings are wise investments in the functionality of your property – whether you’re buying a metal garage or a metal workshop. Knowing the components of metal buildings and the different metal building parts goes hand-in-hand with ownership. Let’s look at some of the common terminology you’ll hear kicked around while you shop for your building as well as the different metal building components, parts, and accessories you might find/need at some point during the life of your metal building.

Metal Building Terminology

Knowing the metal building terminology is a key to understanding everything there is to know about your Viking Steel Structures metal building. Let’s look at the metal building components or metal building glossary that go into a standard metal building, including the buildings:

– It gives support to the anchor members.


– The building’s baserails are square tubes that run along the sides and base of the building. The legs of the building attach to the baserails.


– The root of the building gets its shape from the bow. The bow features construction from a single section of square tubing, which is then bent into shape to form the structure of the roof.


– An angle or plate that is used to join two or more members together


– A clear span metal building provide a clear space without any internal supports.


– Concrete anchors or concrete wedge anchors are used in lieu of rebar on concrete, which is used to form the base of the building. The building is secured to the concrete.


– When there is a snow accumulation at the high discontinuity


– Downspout is a pipe for carrying rainwater from a rain gutter of the building.


– A party or who assembles or erects a metal building system


– These are gale ends that are deeper than standard gable ends, extending down as much as 3 feet from the top of your building’s legs.


– It’s a substructure on which building rests


– it is set to resist rotation and movement


– A protective coating of zinc applying to steel or iron to prevent rusting


– These ends are essentially steel panels that are the same shape as your building’s bow. They reside just below the roof.


– Door frames have headers positioned above them for added strength and resilience.


– Any bolt which is having high strength over 100000 pounds per square inch


– A tool used to tighten nuts or bolts


– Insulation is any material used in building construction to reduce heat transfer.


– A side column of a door side.


– It’s a device which is used during fabrication to hold pieces of material.


– Kilo-pound (1000#)


– It connects a column and rafter of a frame such as a rigid frame.


– It’s an additional slope to an existing building supported by a column on one side


– Steel channels that work to reinforce your building are called leg braces or corner braces. These braces, as the name suggests, are positioned in the corners of the building. Standard braces are 2 feet long, but an upgrade to 3 feet is available for buildings 8 feet tall or taller.


– A flange stiffener.


– The main frame helps in transfer loads directly to the foundation.


– This is a channel on top the vertical roof and ends of a carport or garage to support the special panels of those systems.


– The building’s panels enclose it and protect the items inside. Standard gauge for our buildings is 29 gauge. We offer panels in your choice of 13 different colors.


– It supports the roof system.


– J-trim is a type of trim used on carport sides, around doors and windows, and elsewhere to lend your building a finished look. L-trim is similar, and it is used on the ends of your building’s panels.


– We use standard 14-gauge steel tubing in most of the structures we erect. Stronger tubing – 12-gauge – is also available.
– The truss is basically the triangular-shaped building frame. Stronger than the building’s bow, it’s made of steel for super durability.


There you have it – a few of the words you may hear being thrown around when you order your metal building. Remember, when you buy your building from Viking Steel Structures, you get a building made from American-sourced galvanized steel, so you can depend on its quality for years to come, all backed by a 20-year warranty on rust.

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