48'x30'x12' Carolina Barn | Carolina Metal Barn
48x30x12 Carolina Barn
48x30x12 Carolina Barn
48x30x12 Carolina Barn
48x30x12 Carolina Barn
SKU : 483012CB

48x30x12 Carolina Barn

Starting Price: $24,752

Prices may vary based on state, location, and customization.
Call us at +1(877)-801-3263 for your building price.

Building Dimension:

  • Width 48
  • Length 30
  • Height 12

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48'x30'x12' Carolina Barn includes 24' Wide x 30' Long x 12' Wall Height enclosed garage with lap siding. The complete specifications of this Carolina Barn are:
  • 24'x30'x12' Enclosed Garage with Lap Siding (limited areas)
  • (2) 10'x10' Openings Only
  • (1) 36"x80" Walk-in Door
  • (3) 30"x30" Windows
  • (2) 12'x30'x9' Lean-tos (3 Side Openings on Each Lean)
  • Fully Insulated (Double Bubble)

Order 48x30 Carolina Barn Metal Building

A metal barn is always necessary to meet your residential and agricultural needs. This 48x30 Carolina Barn is the best investment to give the perfect shelter to protect your vehicles and farm equipment. With the vast scope of this 48x30 Carolina Metal Barn, this is the smart investment you can make for your future. It comes with a 1-year workmanship and a 20-year tubing warranty, ensuring its durability and longevity for decades. You can get this prefabricated steel carolina barn If you want a substantial barn structure with ample parking and storage space.

Get Custom 48'x30' Prefabricated Metal Carolina Barn

You might search for a similar steel carolina barn with other customizations if required. Viking Steel Structures provide a 3D Building Estimator that will help you design a custom 48x30 Steel Carolina Barn with multiple customization options to match your custom requirements. From tip to toe, you can design an all-new 48x30x12 Custom Carolina Barn that can serve your personal needs. There are many options you can customize in this building; a few of them are listed below:
  • Insulation
  • Windows
  • Lean-tos
  • Certifications
  • Panel Orientation
  • Wainscot
  • Walk-in Doors
  • Frame-outs or Garage Doors
The 48x30x12 Carolina Metal Barn comes with a 20-year rust-through warranty, a 10-year panel warranty, and a 1-year workmanship warranty. So, you can order a custom metal building and stay assured of its longevity in the coming decades.

Latest Price of 48x30x12 Prefab Metal Barn Structure

Our customer ordered this 48x30 Metal Barn Building for $24,752. However, if you order this prefab steel barn with similar specifications, its final price will vary depending on your location due to code rating. You can call 877-801-3263 to get the best price for your location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the 48×30 Steel Barn Building can be relocated if needed. Relocating the barn will require disassembling and transporting the structure to the new location. It is important to ensure that the new location meets all the necessary requirements for installation, such as zoning laws and building codes. Moreover, hiring a professional contractor to assist with the relocation process is recommended to ensure it is done safely and correctly.

Yes, the 48×30 Carolina Barn can be used for agriculture, such as storing equipment, hay, or livestock. It can also be converted into a greenhouse by adding appropriate insulation and ventilation systems. However, it is important to check with local zoning and building regulations before using the barn for such purposes.

The 48×30 Metal Barn is typically equipped with a durable and long-lasting metal roof, which is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide reliable protection for your property. The roof is made of high-quality steel panels that are treated with a special coating to resist rust and corrosion, ensuring that your barn stays in excellent condition for many years to come.

The 48×30 prefab metal barn shed is made of high-quality steel and is designed to last for decades with minimal maintenance. The barn’s exact lifespan depends on various factors such as climate, exposure to weather, and upkeep. However, with proper care, the metal barn can last up to 30-40 years or even more.

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