Why Steel is a Sensible Choice for Aircraft Hangars?
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Why Steel is a Sensible Choice for Aircraft Hangars?

Why Steel is a Sensible Choice for Aircraft Hangars?
Aug, 2021

In the United States of America, aircraft are common. Numerous owners across the country look for a dedicated space to park their beloved aircraft and keep them safe from unexpected disasters. Below is the graph of the number of aircraft in the USA starting from 1990 till today:

No of Aircrafts in USA

You can easily predict the massive demand for an aircraft hangar. Among all building options, steel is the ideal choice to build your prefab aircraft hangar. Now, many of you won’t find a valid reason to accept this truth. Below are the untold benefits of the steel aircraft hangar that you can’t avoid.

Easy to Make Big Buildings:

Buildings made of steel can be extended to any size. You can get a steel structure with a 12′ width. Further, the structure can be extended up to 300′ width depending upon your needs. All clear span buildings installed by Viking Steel Structures can stand still and benefit you for decades without fail.

However, the need for clear span building is often made by business owners who look forward to big structures for industrial or commercial purposes. We offer top-quality steel buildings with customized dimensions that let you get an ideal structure on your land.

Versatile Design Options:

Aircraft owners already know about the different types of hangars that can be installed for your aircraft. Common types of aircraft hangars are listed below.

1- Free Standing Aircraft Hangar

Free Standing Hangar

  • It is best-suited for single aircraft.
  • It is also known as a free-standing aircraft hangar.
  • Its design includes four walls, a roof, and a door system.
  • Best suited for private hangars and aircraft maintenance hangars

2- Consecutive Rectangular Hangars

Consecutive Rectangular Hangars

  • Its design is similar to a free-standing hangar.
  • Designed for additional aircraft to be stored in a single row.
  • Provided 100% privacy as every hangar includes its own door.

NOTE: These types of hangars are often sold or rented to individual pilots or aircraft owners.

3- Back To Back Hangars

Back To Back Hangars

  • Completely similar to “Consecutive Rectangular Hangars” hangar floor plan.
  • It has multiple rows of “Consecutive Rectangular Hangars” to provide additional storage of aircraft.
  • Each hangar bay is separated for privacy and security and includes separate hangar doors.

NOTE: These hangar bays are often sold or rented to individual pilots or operators.

4- T Hangars

  • This type of hangar is also known as Tee-hangar, T hangar, or T-hangar.
  • Primarily used for private aircraft.
  • They are more economical than rectangular hangars.

There are two types of T-Hangars: Standard (stacked) T Hangars and Nested T Hangars.

4.1- Standard T Hangars

Standard T Hangars

  • This is also known as stacked T hangars
  • Designed to use the maximum amount of interior floor space
  • They tend to be longer in design than Nested T Hangars

4.2- Nested T Hangars

Nested T Hangars

  • Nested Tee hangars require less building material than standard hangars
  • These hangars are wider but shorter; hence reduce the length of taxiway required to abut the building.
  • Due to the design, the only access to each hangar bay is through the main hangar door.

So, whatever design you need, based on the number of aircraft, you can order a prefabricated steel building to fulfill your parking needs.

Free Delivery & Installation:

What’s more satisfying than saving a significant sum on metal building delivery and installation? All manufacturers provide you free delivery. It means with any aircraft hangar; you are not required to pay delivery charges separately.

Further, some manufacturers provide you free installation at your site. Hence, you can save on delivery and installation. However, the availability of free installation varies from one manufacturer to another.

You can call us at 877-801-3263 to discuss the available options.

Minimal Maintenance Cost:

Regardless of building material, regular maintenance is a must if you are expecting a long lifespan. However, what differentiates a steel aircraft hangar from other alternatives is the overall maintenance cost.

Typically steel is the only choice that can be used to build an aircraft hangar. The reason being, wood is heavier than steel, and it can’t stand still with up to 300’-width. Steel can, however, provide you a 100% usable space without demanding internal columns.

They are prone to pests, termites, and even fire. Above all, the maintenance of steel hangars is highly cost-effective. Hence, you don’t need to worry a lot about its frequent maintenance.

Easy Payment Options Available:

Nowadays, everyone can’t pay full upfront while buying a metal hangar. Hence they prefer the EMI option over the full payment. We provide you two convenient options to book your hangar with a minimal deposit and pay the rest via monthly installments.

Rent-To-Own Option: With the RTO Program, you can book your aircraft hangar without worrying about a bad credit score. Lenders don’t consider your credit score to approve RTO. Moreover, you are offered easy payment options, and you can pay off anytime.

Financing Option: Offering finance to the customer is a standard option where banks consider your credit score and evaluate your potential to repay the loan. If approved, you are offered the sum. We have tie-ups with leading banks that provide easy repayment options.

So, what more do you need? A perfect house for your aircraft is what Viking Steel Structures offer. You can buy from our comprehensive range of clear span metal buildings. You can even call our metal building experts at 877-801-3263 to discuss your custom needs and book your structure right away.