Why Steel Buildings Are Safer Option


You may have heard the claim before that steel buildings are safer than their counterparts, but do you know why? Has anyone taken the time to defend that claim for you? If not, that is what we’ll do today. We will show you the reasons why you can confidently choose a steel building knowing that you have made the best choice possible.


Fire can be one of the most destructive forces that can lead to complete destruction of your building. To protect against this the insurance companies charge you partially based on the materials used to construct the building. If you have a wooden building you will pay much more in insurance costs just because of the flammable nature of wood.

With a steel building not only will you save approximately 40% in insurance costs, but you will be safer as well. Unlike wood which burns rapidly, steel burns much slower. This fact allows for the possibility to extinguish the blaze with less damage done. Also in the case of steel farm buildings, it can even mean that the potential loss of life is decreased. Rest easy at night knowing your livestock are safe and sound!


Water can a constant enemy that homeowners and businesses battle. Even if you don’t live in an area prone to heavy rain or snow, there is always a threat to your structure from water. When wood gets wet many things can happen that can destroy the wood within the building that can lower the value of the property, endanger the health of the people and animals that use the building, or weaken the structure.

When there is water damage, you can be looking at the growth of mold, mildew and fungi that can pollute the air and cause disease in those who are in the environment. People and animals can suffer from respiratory ailments that can lead to death if not corrected. In the case of pole barns used for livestock, the cost of this damage could include the need to pay for vet bills or the replacement of valuable animals.

Why take this risk when steel is an option. Steel defends against water damage in many ways. First, the stable nature of the building is like a shield protecting the contents of the building. The supports for the building are generally seated in cement so that there is no weakening or movement of the support beams. Also, the steel walls are tested to withstand heavy pressure put against them like in cases of a flood. The rushing water can be a wrecking ball to weaker structures. If you do live in an area that is prone to flooding, take a look around when the waters recede and you will find that steel buildings have a greater chance of remaining standing than other types of construction.

Steel by its nature is resistant to the mold, mildew and other disease causing bacteria. After a flood this is one of the reasons that a building is made uninhabitable. A steel building can make the clean up faster after a disaster and get you or your animals back to normal.


There are many examples in the news of how winds can cause damage to buildings, property and people’s lives. A wind storm can come in the form of tornadoes, hurricanes, or come with the ever changing weather fronts crossing your area. The nightly news is full of pictures and stories about this kind of damage and how it can destroy lives, either in the destruction of property or direct injury or loss of life.

One thing that stands out in the news is when famous buildings are damaged and there have been several reports through the years of sporting “bubbles” that have been damaged by wind. Most recently was the Dallas Cowboys practice facility that collapsed during a spring workout and injured several people. These types of structures are made of fabric and fabric linings. If they had been made with better steel supports, it is likely the damage would have been much less, if not at all.

Why is this? Steel for all of its strength is somewhat flexible. This lets the beams move and sway in severe winds instead of just snapping or collapsing. By doing this, it increases the probabilities that the structure will withstand the wind and offer safety to those within it, or items stored within it. Wouldn’t it be great to have the confidence in your building that you wouldn’t have to worry as much facing one of these wind storms?


When calculating the cost of a structure, you really need to take into account not just the initial costs, but any costs that may be added over time. With a steel building you are making a choice that is going to cost less in the long run with its minimal needs for upkeep when compared to its wooden counterparts. With anything made of wood there is a continual need for upkeep and maintenance. Whether it is to look for damage, repair damage or treat to keep damage at bay, there is always something to be done.

Steel as mentioned before is resistant to many of the hazards that effect wood. Mold, mildew and rot are all things that are not a worry when you choose to use steel to build your structures. As long as you make sure that there is correct insulation for the needs of the building moisture shouldn’t be a problem. Because there is no rot involved with steel and the fact that the support beams are seated in cement lends a steel structure a longevity that cannot be claimed by other constructions.


It is easy to see now that this post has pointed it out that steel is the best material to choose for the construction of your metal carport. It is cost effective, durable, flexible and strong. If you are looking to have more time to enjoy your building rather than seeing your building as a chore make sure you talk to someone today to see how choosing steel is the way to go!


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