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Why should you level a surface before installing a metal building?

May, 2019

“Installation and delivery are free on your level site.”- How important is the sentence?

When individuals from any walk of life, have to spend hard earned money on any construction or renovation, think at least twice before investing further.  Especially when they encounter a situation where they have to spend the money on something such as leveling the ground for construction, the immediate processing of thoughts is on the lines of finding out its importance, i.e., why should I bother to do it?

Why should you level a surface?

There are two ways to look at the importance of leveling the ground. Firstly, we can attribute the significance of leveling the ground for the safety of the building, which by far is important than anything else. Erratically leveled land might leave out spaces at the lower end. Thus, the critters might get a route to enter the structure. Secondly, an unevenly leveled land can cause you to incur extra. If buyers on visit find out the land is not leveled, then they would simply head back without moving a rock. Meanwhile, they can charge you for the return trip.

Importance of having a leveled land of fewer than 4 inches might cause the structure to lean on one end. In such case, when there is severe wind storm, the anchor might come off and not only the outside construction of the building that might take a hit, but the interior content can also be damaged in the process. So, maintaining the 4-inch level is crucial and cannot be overlooked.

How can you level the surface?

Now, how can you figure out whether your site/land is leveled or not? In fact, for some people, the ‘why’ comes after ‘how’? For understanding the equilibrium level of the land, you would need to tie a tightrope or string around the four corners and measure the deviation, which needs to be corrected using the measuring tape.

Once the deviation is recorded, you will either have to add some material to level the surface or dig out some dirt to level the surface. Adding more elements might not seem to be so cumbersome, but when it comes to removing dirt, you need to take care of the fact that the chosen patch of land doesn’t have any underground cable, water pipes, or any other such things which might be disturbed or in worst cases be damaged during digging.

If we go into a bit of detail, then you will have a clear idea of what we are talking about here. In the chosen patch of land, you need to force in a stake at the four corners and then tie it with a string. Once you have placed in the stakes and tied the rope a square pattern will emerge. In some cases, it might not be a perfect square. In such cases, the crew members will do the needful and get the irregularity in shape fixed.
Generally, a string is attached 4” above the ground, now, after placing in the string what you need to is observing the positioning of the bubble. If the bubble isn’t at the right level, i.e. centers, then you need to move to the low point and adjust the string, and when the bubble is right at the center, and then you can proceed to level the ground.

In some cases leveling the ground is done with concrete, while in case of vertical carport or garage the most basic form of leveling is used which constitutes the taking away dirt or adding more to the low end.

For some of the most basic form of metal carports, a gap of 3-4 inches might not cause any major problems. Even the crew members can come into play in this as they would be able to fill out the 3 to 4-inch gap quite easily. But, things get a bit trickier when we talk of several sophisticated garages. This certainly needs more than just some easy adjustments to be made. In cases of major adjustments, the installation crew member can return and charge a return trip fee, and we are sure you would not like that to happen.

Thus, from the discussion, all the question relating to the importance of “why” and “how” must be clear. It’s best to use the right area of land for the construction of a metal garage or other kind of metal carport to obtain longevity with minimum repairs and readjustment. It is a finished product which counts in the long run. So, whatever you are making today, be it a deck, house, carport, and pool, it is the site you have chosen, that counts more than anything else. Here we have tried to bring you closer to the importance of leveling the surface in a detailed manner but a nutshell.