Why Metal Buildings Are the Best Choice for Mining Industry's Storage Solutions?
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Why Metal Buildings Are the Best Choice for Mining Industry’s Storage Solutions?

Why Metal Buildings Are the Best Choice for Mining Industry's Storage Solutions?
Mar, 2021

The United States is the world’s leading producer of beryllium, sulfur, and soda ash. Moreover, America is the third-largest producer of gold and copper. The mining industry is continuously growing, and so is its storage needs.

When it comes to sheltering options, steel buildings are the best, whether for residential, commercial, or industrial uses. Hence, if you are in the mining industry and need sheds for your storage, then pre-engineered steel buildings are something you can consider.

Industrial metal buildings have amazing features that make these sheds supreme for your mining storage needs.

Here are the crucial reasons why steel buildings are the best for the mining industry’s shelter requirements.

Clear-span Steel Structures

It is metal building exclusive features, and you won’t get it with any other shed options. Only industrial steel buildings allow you to fully utilize your space. Pre-engineered steel buildings invigorate the column-free open structures up to 300ft width. You can go wider, but there will be some support columns, less than any other traditional structures for sure.

So, if you want to use your whole storage shed space without any interruption of columns, then steel structures are your buildings. You can easily move the trucks inside to unload; if there are some supporting structures, they would surely have limited your movement inside the storage building. So, commercial and industrial metal buildings give you maximum usable space with the liberty to use it the way you want.

Impressive Resilience

If you need a storage shed, it means you have something that needs proper protection and housing to sustain its properties. You are investing in a storage building; then it’s expected from the building that it will safeguard your assets for a long time.

However, only metal buildings have suitable capabilities to fulfill the above expectations and give quality services for decades. The commercial grade galvanized steel is used for making the steel structures, and you get the hurricane-rated metal sheds that provide your stored stuff utmost protection. Steel has the maximum strength than traditional building construction materials, and your metal storage shed will stand firm for decades while serving best.

Hence, if you want something reliable for your storage needs, you must consider steel buildings.

Fully Customizable

Traditional structures suffer from various limitations, and one of them is customization. There are a few customizations that you can make, which is also extravagant. Steel structures are sturdy and open up multiple customization opportunities so you can meet your exact needs without compromising the quality and structural integrity.

You can fully transform your shed according to your requirements. The things you can change are design, size, roof-style, panels, color, doors, windows, etc. In short, you can transform your whole storage shed to meet your multiple needs.

Moreover, we also help you with the building customization, and you can use our free 3D metal building designing tool to create and visualize your industrial metal building. You can get the quote for the customized shed by submitting it at the final stage of customization. So, don’t adjust with anything and get a shed that will house all your requirements.

Fast Construction Projects

Generally, construction projects are characterized as time-consuming, which is true to some extent. Traditional construction projects take significant time to complete and serve. Whereas prefab steel structures have quick construction, and you can have your shed installed in a very short time period dispensing on the building size.

Pre-engineered metal buildings are fabricated in components and installed at the construction site. There is no machining, cutting, welding, etc., at the site, and installers only attach the different components with all the precision. You can clearly see that the above installation process won’t take much longer. According to studies, steel buildings take 30% less time than the total traditional building construction time.

So, if you don’t want to feel helpless till your traditional construction projects get completed, choose pre-engineered steel buildings for faster construction and high-quality sheds.


Cost is always a deciding factor that scales the worth of your purchase. Your buildings should give suitable returns against the money you invest. Steel buildings are the most cost-effective shed option, and you can count on these structures for the best prices and rich quality housing.

Steel is very abundant and recyclable globally, which keeps the raw material economical and readily available. Moreover, steel building manufacturing follows a precise process and produces zero waste, which also cuts-off the cost.

Furthermore, the installation consists of building components’ attachment, which can be done with comparatively less labor. So, your installation cost also remains under a reasonable bar. Moreover, the steel sheds have amazing quality and don’t need high maintenance, saving your operational cost.

Steel structures are inorganic and don’t habitat the mold, saving your expenses on mold removal. Hence, there is no way you compromise your budget.

You can also save up to 50% on your energy bills if you opt for the insulated steel buildings.

So, buy a metal building for your industrial storage requirements and stay economical.

These are some prominent reasons or features that make a steel building best for your mining industry’s shed requirements. There are many more features of steel buildings like fire-resistance, low insurance rates, eco-friendly, etc.

Hence, steel buildings are beneficial, but you can get some additional benefits with us.

Viking Steel Structures is one of the reputed metal building dealers and has a wide range of rich quality products. We offer a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, 1-year workmanship warranty, and free delivery & installation on all our buildings. So, order your industrial storage shed now!

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