Why Metal Buildings are Best for Construction in Florida?
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Why Metal Buildings are Best for Construction in Florida?

24x50x9 Fully Enclosed Metal Garage with Lean To Front View
Apr, 2021

Florida has the wildest weather, and hurricanes, tornadoes, downpours, lightning storms, etc., are witnessed. The speed goes from 74 MPH to 157MPH and beyond during hurricanes. This speed of wind can blow away whatever comes in its way.

Hence, it’s crucial to have robust construction that can withstand these extreme weather and pressure exerted on the building.

Steel buildings are considered weather-proof buildings because steel sheds have exceptional features to protect you from the harshest weather conditions.

Here are the features of steel buildings or the reasons why you should consider steel buildings in Florida.

High Tensile Strength

Strength is crucial for a shed to tackle the devastating pressure due to adverse weather conditions. Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio that makes the steel buildings capable enough to bear the pressure and ensure the safety of you and your valuables.

We use heavy-duty steel to make your steel buildings robust to fight extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, tornadoes, downpours, etc. Moreover, the effective design of metal buildings diverts the pressure and keeps your shed from collapsing.

We use the anchors to grip your metal building on the ground. Hence, you can get the best weather protection with metal buildings, and you must build metal buildings in Florida.


Durability is a must feature so that your shed can protect you from bad weather for a long time. If you don’t consider the durability, then you have to build a new shed every five years.

Your building should have the endurance to withstand all the adverse conditions and still serve you for decades. Fortunately, steel buildings have amazing durability, and you can surely expect longevity.

Generally, rust affects the metals and degrades their quality. To resolve this vulnerability of metals, we use the galvanized steel. Galvanization is adding a zinc layer to the steel panels to deter rust. Zinc blocks the oxidation to form the rust and ensure the long life of your building. Hence, install the steel buildings in Florida to get a shed that can provide utmost protection with long life expectancy.

Building Codes Compatibility

As Florida has wild weather, the building codes are strict to ensure safe and weather-proof construction. You need to obey these codes to build a shed on your property. Steel buildings perfectly match the Florida building codes and can surefire the safety of nearby properties.

You can also opt for the certified steel buildings that come with a certificate of the wind/snow ratings of the shed. It will help you get approval easily from your building department. So, don’t worry about the codes; you can entirely follow them and have easy approval with metal buildings.


Fire accidents are common during harsh weather because there are series of events that can light up the fire during a storm. So, fire safety is a crucial feature for the all-over protection of your loved ones and belongings.

Steel is a noncombustible material and provides resistance to fire. It doesn’t fuel the fire as traditional wooden sheds do. Metal buildings don’t catch fire easily and also resist the spread to limit the damage to the stored stuff.

So, get yourself a fire-proof shed with metal buildings. Moreover, you must follow fire safety measures as well to avoid any mishappening.

Low Maintenance Requirement

As you can see, steel buildings have astounding features to provide weather protection, but you’ll get other benefits as well. Whatever you have, everything needs proper maintenance to serve you well. Steel buildings will also need maintenance, but definitely lesser than the conventional sheds.

Galvanized steel buildings have damage and rust resistance, which decreases the maintenance requirement. You can upkeep a metal building at nominal maintenance efforts and expenses.

You don’t have to do repainting every five years or damp proofing every year like traditional sheds to maintain your shed.

Moreover, steel buildings don’t habitat the molds, pests, and termites to eliminate your expenses on mold removal, pest control, and termite treatment of the shed.

Hence, steel buildings are the best quality sheds with less maintenance requirement and appreciable cost-effectiveness.

These are some of the features of the steel buildings. If we talk about the other features prefab steel buildings have, then you’ll get cost-efficiency, fast construction, energy efficiency, customizability, recyclability, etc.

You can have the best weather-proof shed with pre-engineered steel buildings. Here are the top building ideas for your steel building construction in Florida.

Ideas for Steel Buildings in Florida

As you can see, steel buildings are perfect for the Florida weather, and you consider these for any shed requirement. Below are some of the popular steel buildings for various uses.

If you need a custom metal building, then you can use our 3D metal building designing tool to self-design your shed through a simulator.

So, this is all about the steel buildings in Florida, and you must have these to beat the adverse weather.

Viking Steel Structures is one of the top steel building dealers with a wide range of weather-proof steel buildings. You can get the most affordable steel sheds with us.

You can use our flexible payment options RTO and Financing to pay your shed price in monthly installments.

Furthermore, we offer some additional benefits to our customers, and our steel buildings come with a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty. So, order your building now!

If you want any assistance, then you can reach our building experts at 877-801-3263.