Why Florida Has Different Metal Building Regulations?
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Why Florida Has Different Metal Building Regulations?

Why Florida Has Different Metal Building Regulations?
Sep, 2021

Many of you are already familiar with the weather conditions in Florida. Residents of Florida witness multiple weather hazards across the year. Florida reports more thunderstorms than any other US state. Hence, residents in the Florida state always rely on metal buildings that are installed with local building codes. Not many of you know that the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations regulate Florida’s building codes and regulations.

This agency has created specific guidelines, regulations, and rules to ensure the right steel building is installed at the job site. The regulation department ensures that your structure is capable enough to confront common hazards that occur in Florida year-round. Different states in the USA have various regulations/guidelines, which are essential to match before investing in your prefab steel building.

About Weather Conditions in Florida

Florida, aka Sunshine state, usually regularly witnesses numerous natural disasters, including hurricanes, tropical depressions, tropical storms, tornadoes, wildfires, and floods. Local residents are mostly affected by these weather conditions, causing trouble in their day-to-day operations.

The wind speed in Florida can go from 74MPH to 157MPH and beyond during hurricanes. This speed is enough to cause devastation in the state.

The weather of Florida is totally unpredictable, which makes it tough for the residents to think wisely before investing in a reliable garage, building, or other structure.

Florida is covered by water from three sides. Hence the state requires different building regulations. This increases the risk of storms, rainfall, and flooding in this area. For all such weather issues, certified metal buildings are the right investment. And, it is the reason, Florida has some of the strictest building codes for metal building erection.

Metal Buildings – Right Investment for Safety in Florida

Metal buildings are the new trend in the construction industry as it encompasses multiple traits making it superior to wood buildings and other construction alternatives.

Numerous buyers have already invested in custom metal buildings that have added strength to the way people live in Florida. Steel structures are the reason why Florida is growing year after year, simultaneously facing multiple weather troubles. Various traits of metal structure include:

High Strength: Steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it the best construction option for the residents of Florida. Steel prefab structures are highly made to serve you for decades without demanding frequent maintenance.

For additional strength, anchors hold the structure with the ground and avoid collapsing during harsh weather conditions.

Longevity: Steel buildings don’t require replacement after a short duration. Instead, a steel structure can benefit you for 3-4 decades, subjected to timely maintenance post-installation. If you take care of the building with timely inspection, you can easily extend its lifespan to many more years.

Fully Compatible to Local Building Codes: Every dealer/manufacturer suggests you get a permit from local government authorities to install a highly stable and robust steel structure. Metal buildings in Florida are only installed after getting permits. Skipping local building codes causes legal issues and even results in building demolition.

Pest & Fire Resistant: During tough times in Florida, a wood structure can’t safeguard your valuables. Instead, it exposes them to pests and fire, making no sense in investing in this building. However, steel is resistant to fire and pests, which makes it the ideal investment.

Minimal Maintenance: Many buyers always look for a reliable structure that can stand still against adverse weather but require minimal maintenance. Steel structures are the answer to such requirements. Stele buildings only require minor maintenance for dents, cracks, paint peel-off, etc. No other significant issues are encountered that require heavy investment.

Get Certified Metal Buildings in Florida

Florida’s building codes are stringent due to extreme hurricanes and tropical storms. So, whether you live in Florida or are planning to relocate soon, it’s essential to get certified steel buildings that meet the local building codes. Matching your building with local building codes and regulations, you can take advantage for decades.

Regardless of how crazy Florida weather is, you can ensure complete safety with prefab steel buildings. Metal buildings constructed by the dealers/manufacturers always follow Florida guidelines to ensure zero post-delivery issues.

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