Why Eave, Trim, and Gutters Are Beneficial For Metal Buildings

Why Eave, Trim, and Gutters Are Beneficial For Metal Buildings

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Jun, 2020

Do you know the difference between standard metal building and customized metal building?

Standard Metal Buildings doesn’t have accessories as it only includes the walls, roof, and other essential metal building components. But this isn’t the same with customized metal structures. Custom steel buildings are standard buildings with added accessories.

Including accessories in metal structures have multiple benefits. Among all accessories, Eave, Gutters, and Trim are three under-rated components that are beneficial for every metal structure but aren’t heeded much.

So, below we have gathered the importance and other essential information about these accessories.

Eave Flashing

The chances of moisture attach are high at the top of the wall panels where the roof is attached to it. The situation gets worsen in case of an open hole that invites the air to move inside the building and start damaging your steel panels. Eave Flashing is used at these edges to avoid moisture attack and keep the building waterproof. Eave flashing has an outside foam closure. Installing eave flashing to your building not only safeguard your building from moisture and water but also boost its overall outlooks.

Another significant benefit of adding eave flashing onto your building is restricting wasps, and other flies to make nests on the building edges.


Gutters are essential for your metal structure to protect your building foundation as well as maintain proper isolation. Gutters offer appealing aesthetics to your building, alongside providing safety to your foundation. Most of the metal buildings have an appropriate drainage system for easy water runoff. Gutters are benefits for such free-flow of water. However, regular maintenance of gutters is essential to avoid blockage due to dead leaves that cause still water proper on your roof. That’s why you should pay attention to clogged gutters and clean them actively.

Gutters, unlike other building accessories, require regular upkeep to ensure there isn’t still water problem, water flow blockage, or any leakage to your building.


You can consider trim as the watertight seal on the rib of your building. The simplest definition of trim is the seal that covers interconnecting panels of your metal building. There are different types of trim installed on your building. Below is the list of trim:

  • Gable Trim (Rake Trim)

For the protection of edges where the roof meets the end wall panels, a gable trim is installed. It is also known as rake trim. You can see the rake trim anywhere a sloping edge ends. The joint between end wall and roof requires proper protection and sealing to avoid moisture and keep your interior safe. Without proper trim installation, water can quickly enter your building cause condensation & moisture problems. Once the moisture problem starts, you can witness mold that leads to unexpected cracks in your building.

  • Wall-To-Roof Trim

It is also called as transition trim. Wall to roof trim is installed to offer a final look to your metal structure. It is installed at the juncture of the roof edge and adjacent taller wall panels. Wall to roof trim is most commonly seen in residential metal buildings with an attached metal garage, workshop, or other multi-story building.

NOTE: Whenever you make changes in your building height, entire edges need to be sealed again to restrict moisture. Among all, wall-to-roof trim is most important to heed in this situation.

All types of trim are used to seal the joints and make them waterproof. In roofing trim, waterproof tape or seal tape is commonly used.

Remember, not any building can become watertight without installing trim.

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