What You Should Know About Rent-to-Own Building?
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What You Should Know About Rent-to-Own Building?

Rent to Own Metal Building
Jan, 2018

Not everyone buys a structure like a metal carport, enclosed garage, or other metal structure outright. Likewise, not every individual is able to obtain a loan to purchase the structure due to blemishes on their credit history or the inability to provide an adequate amount of capital for a down payment–sometimes due to both reasons. However, rent to own carports and other rent to own metal buildings give people the ability to own these structures despite obstacles like a flawed credit history or a lack of funds for a down payment.

How Rent-to-Own Programs Work

Rent to own program is quite like taking a loan and paying back through equal monthly installments, but without calculating or damaging your credit score. Basically, it’s for those people who don’t have good credit score but want to purchase a building.

However, you the tenure of rent to own is fixed with the lower and higher limit of credits. For instance, if you are buying a metal building from Viking Steel Structures you can get credit between $2500 to $8500 and payback in 36 months or less. What if the cost of the building is above $8500? You can take credit for $8500 and pay the balance amount with upfront. Moreover, if you have good credit score you can get building finance up to $25000 there are no lower limits on financing options.

Benefits of Rent to Own Program

  • Instant approval

You’ll know if you’re approved immediately after you apply. That means you’re able to start making plans for the location and purpose of your new structure immediately after acceptance.

  • No Capital Investment

You don’t have to pay the entire amount of building; with the small upfront amount, you can become an owner and pay in easy monthly installments.

  • Instant Status Update

Knowing if you’re approved for a rent to own option within seconds rather than waiting days to weeks for a determination alleviates stress.

  • Flexible Payment Options

Loans typically give you a predetermined rate that works best for them, not you. With a rent to own option, your monthly payments are at a rate that works for your budget.

  • No Credit Score Required

A rent to own option considers that you might have imperfections on your credit history because these programs are designed to assist you in obtaining the property you desire. You’re more than just a number a credit reporting agency deemed you when you apply for a rent to own program.

  • No Hidden Charges

As soon as you decide you would like to own your property, you can convert to ownership without having to pay any additional fees since programs for rent to own buildings are straightforward.

  • Up to $8,000 Finance

You can choose the rent to own option on all metal buildings between $2,500 and $8,000. You can purchase metal structures for more than $8,000 as long as the balance is paid upfront.

  • Lock in Purchase Price

Prices never go down, it increases with time, and in metal industry it’s going high with a rate of 10-25% per year. You can be always in a win-win situation with rent to own program, start rent to own today and become the owner instantly with easy installments.

  • Delivery & Installation Included

The final price includes installation and delivery costs. Choosing a metal building supplier that includes installation and delivery at the purchase price eliminates the hassle because you know the total cost for your new metal building upfront.

  • Expert installation

Once the structure arrives at the intended location, someone will install the building for you without additional cost.

Despite the advantages of rent to own garages, rent to own carports, rent to own metal buildings, and rent to own buildings, limitations exist, including the following:

Limitations of Rent to Own Program

The rent to own structures are only available with the option of 36-month installments or less, so if you need smaller monthly payments than that, the program won’t work for your particular needs.

Limited to $8,000 or Less

Renting to own is only available on structures priced at $8,000 or less, so any of the rent to own carports or garages of greater value isn’t available with this option.

The building you need for your home or business is more obtainable than you think of a rent to own option. If you have any questions or would like to utilize our rent to own payment for your next purchase, contact us today at (877) 801-3263.

Zoe Tomaino
Zoe Tomaino
I LOVE my Viking Steel Building, it is everything I hoped for. A well built building that was installed by an excellent crew. I have recommended Viking Steel Buildings to anyone who ask.
Willie Baker
Willie Baker
I was very happy with your office personal & man-power in the field. I could not have been more pleased with the men that were on my new garage project. Everyone had a good attitude ,when I ask any questions pertaining to my garage. It was a pleasure having them on my property. Thank you for a job WELL DONE.
Paul Legg
Paul Legg
Seth and the team were great throughout the whole process! Very pleased!
Angie Smith
Angie Smith
Seth Stanley is a great salesman. Customer service was great! He was so helpful and flexible to meet our schedule and got our building up very quickly. Thank you so much to Seth!!
Ryan Singh
Ryan Singh
Amazing company and amazing products. I worked closely with Seth Stanley who helped me design my dream building. Seth was amazing! He was patient and super helpful. He even helped my concrete guys with the perfect slab for my building. I HIGHLY recommend Viking Steel - Seth Stanley!
Duane Scheivert
Duane Scheivert
Awesome service !! From beginning to end.juan was outstanding as well as the installation
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Dan Collins
Robert wasa great to work with. He was engaged and responsive when needed. Thank you
Karen Dickerson
Karen Dickerson
Salomon Aguilar was a delight to work with every step of the way. He explains every step of the process in detail. Very professional and helpful with any questions or concerns you have. Thank you so much for making the process so easy
Fire Marshal
Fire Marshal
Very good company to work with very well built buildings
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