What Can Customers Expect in Steel Building Warranties?
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What Can Customers Expect in Steel Building Warranties?

What Can Customers Expect in Steel Building Warranties?
Sep, 2021

Whether you plan to purchase a metal building or have one already installed in recent months, you should know about the metal building warranties.

Warranties may be given by most metal building dealers & manufacturers. However, before you invest in any steel building, it’s important to know what you are getting and to what extent. Moreover, you should also know the limitations of metal building warranties.

Proper knowledge and the right information is a must when putting your hard-earned money in prefab steel buildings.

There are different types and levels of warranties provided with your metal building. The warranty assures the building owner of the reliability and assurance of your building. Dealers provide you with an adequate warranty to ensure your building is covered in case of unexpected damages.

Before you understand the available warranty, it’s essential to know some pointers.

Warranties are Important for Both Parties: A metal building warranty is essential for the dealer and buyer. With a warranty, you (as an owner) get complete peace of mind. Warranty covers your metal building against premature failure. Moreover, warranty offered by dealers/manufacturers ensures their trust in the metal structure. Offering a warranty means dealers/manufacturers are sure about the premium quality steel buildings.

Warranties are Non-Transferrable: In any market, you will never get a transferable warranty. The warranty is only provided to the building owner. It means you can’t claim failure or damage if you are not the actual owner of a metal building.

Warranty isn’t Applicable in Natural Disasters: In case of any damages due to an act of God, you are not liable to get any warranty. This is unfortunate for the building owners, but no warranty claim is provided in case of natural disasters. Don’t worry; that’s the reason why metal building insurance is in huge demand. The insurance can help you cover any damages.

Warranties are Limited to Inbound Issues: The term ‘inbound issues’ means all the issues that can be rectified by your manufacturer. It also includes any changes after metal building installation. If the metal building issues are beyond the manufacturer’s range, you can’t get any warranty claim. Your after-market alteration spoils the building warranty, and you can no longer claim any warranty.

Any Geographical Limitations: Yes, some warranties are offered to specific geo-locations only. Installation of steel buildings beyond such an area takes you out of the warranty period. You can directly consult with the metal building dealer to know in detail about the geo-location-specific warranties.

Warranty is Only in Written Format: Have you ever received any warranty that is only made on verbal communication? Remember, no verbal communication is considered valid warranty proof. If you want to protect your building against premature damages, it’s essential to have a written warranty. You can either ask for a physical paper or an electronic form to ensure your building is covered in adverse scenarios. Written warranty can even help you in legal matters.

Whatever you buy in your lifetime, you always look for an appropriate warranty/guarantee protecting your products from premature failure. Warranty is a boon for buyers who want to enjoy the product for long term. Like other commodities, metal buildings are also offered with adequate warranties. However, you should know about the offered warranties.

Viking Steel Structures is the one-stop destination that provides you pre and post-sales support if you encounter any issue with your dream metal structure.  Buying with Viking Steel Structures includes providing a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty with every structure you order

You can connect with us at 877-801-3263 to know more about the metal building warranties. You can also discuss your custom building requirements that we can fulfill at the lowest price possible.

We have a comprehensive range of metal buildings that encompass an adequate warranty against unfortunate failures. Moreover, we also provide you easy buying options, i.e., RTO and Financing. Our RTO program doesn’t consider credit checks; hence you can get a metal building without worrying about a bad credit score.

Furthermore, you can also opt for metal building financing to convert the total upfront into monthly installments and get your dream building with a small deposit.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a fully customized metal building and fulfill your dreams.