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Welcome to Viking Steel Structures

Viking Steel Structures
Dec, 2016

Welcome to Viking Steel Structures!

Welcome to your Internet home for premium steel structures delivered to your home and set up on your property! We are Viking Steel Structures, and our hope is to become the number one choice among the customers in our metal carport service area when it comes to top-of-the-line metal carports, barns, garages, RV covers, custom buildings, and more. We offer a number of advantages over our competitors, and our customer-driven focus makes the buying experience a breeze.

What Do We Sell?

We sell steel buildings of all sorts to property owners, business owners, and organizations such as churches, community groups, and others. We offer customized metal buildings as well as pre-fabricated designs, all of which are manufactured to the highest standards using quality materials. See us for:

  • Metal carports Cover your truck, car, SUV, van, or other vehicles, guarding it against the elements with our metal carports. We offer a range of different options for customizing your carport to make it a beautiful element in your landscape.
  • Metal Garages- Whether you’re a gearhead looking for a spot to work on your bike or just want to keep the family auto out of the elements, our metal garages are among our most popular products.
  • Metal Barns- House livestock, hay, grains, and more in our metal barns. See us for custom interiors and exteriors; we can equip your barn to suit your needs.
  • Metal RV covers- Just like a carport, an RV cover protects your RV from the elements and prevents UV light from damaging and degrading your interior.
  • Metal Storage buildings- Gain extra storage with an outbuilding designed for storing your stuff. Find out more about how we can meet your needs with a building that’s designed just for you.

How Does It Work?

The online selection process for our metal buildings is simple and fast. Once you visit our site and find the metal carports you want to purchase, you can customize it using our Color Planner and other tools, and then send an inquiry about the building online or call Viking Steel Structures. Once we receive your request, we’ll start the purchase process, and the manufacturers can then build your structure. You can also call us with questions before, during, or after the sale; we’re always here to help. Once your building is finished, we’ll dispatch the installers to your location with your building – and we’ll assemble it on your ready site. Need service after the sale? We’re there for you for that, too.

How We’re Different from “The Other Guys”

At Viking Steel Structures, we’re developing a reputation for our quality products, friendly & knowledgeable sales staff and installers, and value-driven sales. We set ourselves apart from our competitors with:

  • Our planner tools let you envision your building prior to order, so you always know what you’re getting before you’re out a penny.
  • Options for customizing your building to suit your style preferences.
  • Use of heavy-gauge galvanized metal tailored to the prevalent weather in your area.
  • Expert advice on zoning and building codes.
  • Service from start to finish.

Find out now how your dream of owning a steel building is just a few clicks away. Call us now or visit us online; we’re waiting to serve you.