Ultimate Benefits of Steel Building in Flood Zones

Ultimate Benefits of Steel Building in Flood Zones

Ultimate Benefits of Steel Building in Flood Zones
Sep, 2020

Water can bring a catastrophic flood resulting in devastating outcomes and attack humans mentally, physically, and financially. Floods are one of the unexpected natural calamities that can harm your essentials anytime. So, it’s essential to keep your valuables protected with the right investment.

Certified Metal Buildings are a reliable and robust option to ensure no natural calamity can harm your valuables and keep them protected for decades; without fail.

Before finding a reliable option for your vehicles, equipment, etc. check out how devastating a flood can be.

Johnstown Flood – Great Flood of 1889

In entire US history, there aren’t any destructive floods as Johnstown Flood. The root cause behind the great flood of 1889 was the collapse of the South Fork Dam, which caused massive damage to nature and mankind. In 1889, the dam was rebuilt by the SFFHC, with significant changes made to the original design. ( Source: sciencedirect)

Most people don’t know that in 1881, the 72 feet high and 931 feet wide South Fork Dam, had leakage issues soon after its opening. However, those issues were ignored in concern to future disasters to save Cambria Iron Works firm’s reputation. As a result, the leaks were patched with mud and straw.

At noon on 31st May 1889, South Fork Dam was breached by heavy rain and clogged spillway. According to a LiDAR analysis, it was revealed that the dam contained 14.55 million cubic meters of water when the dam collapsed. Below are some stats of Johnstown Flood that can make you stunned.

  • Death Toll: 2,209
  • Disaster Cost: $17,000,000 ($425 Million in 2012 dollars)
  • Location: Pennsylvania
  • Dead bodies were found as far away as Cincinnati and as late as 1911.
  • Pile of debris at the stone bridge covered 30 acres.

No one is every ready for such a catastrophic disaster in entire life. So, what’s the solution?

Make the right investment in metal building and order a certified metal structure today.

Prefab metal buildings come with multiple traits that make it the top construction material, among other alternatives. Below listed are the ultimate benefits of Metal structures:

Durability: Custom metal buildings are made to withstand harsh weather conditions like floods, high winds, hurricanes, tornadoes, and even seismic waves. So, if you live in a flood, earthquake, or hurricane-prone area, you can have blind faith in metal structures.

Ease of Maintenance: Unlike conventional wood and concrete buildings, metal garage buildings don’t require heavy maintenance regularly. Instead, it can serve you for decades at low maintenance costs. However, you must ensure no debris and dead lives are clogging your gutters and drainpipes.

Flexibility: Depending upon your necessity, you can design and order almost any metal structure. Starting from buying type, you have endless customization options, including doors, windows, panel colors, roof-style, number of anchors, and more. With 3D Building Estimator it’s now convenient to design your dream building and order it directly.

Affordability: Steel is a cost-effective metal when compared with other construction materials. Moreover, you don’t require additional labor as the steel building is delivered in prefabricated components, including punch holes wherever needed.

Fireproof & Rust Proof: Unlike wood buildings, steel doesn’t get affected by rust, fire, and other common wood building hazards. The steel used for a metal building is 100% galvanized to ensure they don’t rust. Moreover, the fireproof trait of steel offers complete peace of mind and safeguards your essentials from external fire.

Energy Efficiency: Steel is 100% recyclable metal that can be reused without leaving any residue. Moreover, customized steel buildings are also considered Green Buildings that aren’t harmful to the environment.

For many metal building buyers, paying full upfront is a major hurdle. With Viking Steel Structures, funds are not any more trouble. We offer easy Rent To Own and Financing options to overcome your financial problems.

Rent-To-Own Option: The popular option that people consider is Rent-to-Own program. Under the rent-to-own program, you can pay a small upfront and order your favorite metal garage building. The rent-to-own option is used by homeowners to purchase any metal building.

There are many benefits of buying a building with Rent-To-Own:

  • No Credit Check Required: Affordable monthly payments with no credit check or credit score.
  • Instant Approvals: Same day, approvals. Hassle-free process, no obligation.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Flexible payment options allow anyone to own a metal building with a small upfront payment.
  • Ownership in 36 Months or Less: Once you complete your schedule of payments with agreement options for up to 36 months, you become an owner.
  • Build Equity: RTO program offered by Viking Steel Structures will get you closer to owning your dream building.
  • More than Just Storage: Use your building as a workplace, art-showcase, she-shed, man cave, garden shed, workshop, etc.
  • Monthly Contract Available: With our RTO program, just keep up with your easy monthly payments once you get approval.
  • Delivery and Installation Included Pricing: For any metal building order with Viking Steel Structures, you don’t need to worry about delivery & installation as our manufacturer takes care of everything.

Metal Building Financing: Another popular option to own a steel structure is selecting one of the financing options. Most manufacturers have tie-ups with different banks that can offer you multiple financing options and let you own any building with endless customizations.

There are some benefits of using financing options:

  • You don’t need to pay all amounts at once, taking a significant amount out of your bank.
  • You can still save amount alongside paying your monthly debts.
  • Financing options gives an easy way to buy a building today and pay for it later.
  • Choosing a financing option gives you the liberty to order the building today, even when you do not have a sufficient bank balance.

So, these are the prominent payment options that you can choose to order your dream metal building from Viking Steel Structures and use it for versatile purposes.

In case you have any doubts about metal buildings or payment options, don’t hesitate to call our metal building experts at 877-801-3263. We will assist you in getting the perfect fit metal structure at an affordable price.