Top Reasons Why Steel Buildings are Superior to Wooden Structures

Top Reasons Why Steel Buildings are Superior to Wooden Structures

Top Reasons Why Steel Buildings are Superior to Wooden Structures
Jun, 2022

What comes to your mind when you are all set to put your life saving into a structure? There are two prominent options that might confuse you, i.e., wood and steel. Undoubtedly, these options have pros and cons, but you must know them before making a decision.

Installing a building is a one-time investment that should always be made with 100% assurance. Putting your money in the wrong choice will drain your investment and require reinvestment. It doesn’t make sense for first-time buyers in the USA!

Hence, it’s crucial to distinguish between steel buildings and timber buildings. Most construction experts highly recommend buying a prefab steel building over wood buildings as they are a healthy option that lasts long. Interestingly, many other reasons make steel buildings superior to wood structures.

Less Steel – More Wood

Steel is lightweight! Moreover, it has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which means steel and wood with same strength; steel will be lighter than wood. The final weight of a prefabricated building, including frames, beam, grit, gable, and columns, will be far less than that of a wood structure. It means a wood building will have a high weight if you need to retain the same strength as steel.

There will be a far higher difference for every dollar you pay for steel and wood. The strength of per-dollar steel will be lower than wood structures.

When it comes to strength, steel buildings are primarily built to confront harsh weather conditions and keep the structure as-is. High-quality steel is used to construct prefab buildings that keep your building stand still for decades.

Another point w.r.t. strength includes high load count. Steel buildings are adaptable to high snow load, which is common during harsh weather conditions. However, wood is completely different. Wood structures aren’t built to hold snow load efficiently and ultimately collapse.

Design with No Limit

Apart from strength, versatile design is another common demand of every buyer. If you are a building buyer, you must know that metal prefab buildings have vast designs that you can choose to get a uniquely building tailor-made to match your custom needs.

Wood has the design limitation as they are available with limited designs, making it less appealing. Post-installation, you can find a similar wood design that will make you feel regretful about the design. However, steel buildings aren’t bounded to any specific design. You can either order one of our catalog structures or customize your dream building via 3D Metal Building designer tool.

You can order a metal carport, garages, workshop, commercial buildings, and more. Interestingly, you can never imagine any USA state with steel as steel buildings are the root of airports, corporate headquarters, bus stands, and more. In short numerous skyscraper, structures are being built in the state to compensate for the growing demand.

Clear Span Usage

When installing a building on your land, the biggest problem is offered in 100% usable space. Every business demands a robust building option that provides 100% usable space. Prefabricated steel buildings are installed on your land with zero internal columns. It means you get 100% usable space without obstruction.

Your custom metal structure lets you customize your office/home as per your needs. Rethink any business that is built with wide dimensions without adding internal columns. Unfortunately, you won’t find any; it’s possible only with steel buildings.

With steel, a building with a 300′ width is possible. Furthermore, no internal columns are required.

Safety with Superior Strength

Strength is an essential factor in planning a one-time investment for decades. However, you can’t neglect the safety aspect of a building. Before you choose the building option for your purpose, it’s crucial to know that wood is never a favorable option from a safety aspect.

Buying a steel structure ensures superior safety for your structure and essentials. Wood is prone to fire that can damage your building and stored essentials. The same isn’t valid with prefab metal structures.

From traditional metal buildings to certified steel buildings, we provide you with everything needed to build a fully secured, reliable, and robust structure for a lifetime.

Make a Smart Purchase Today

Now it’s time to decide which building option is best to proceed further. Viking Steel Structures has a wide range of metal building designs that you can choose from. Moreover, our entire catalog has highly competitive prices that give us a cutting edge over competitors. We have shared with you the right advice based on facts, and hence it’s your turn to make the right decision.

We have maintained our quality commitment with the customers since day one and will follow the same further. If you are ready to move ahead with the right structure, reach us at 877-801-3263 and let us assist you in making the right buying decision.