Top Features That Make Steel Building Structures Eco-friendly


Steel possesses characteristics that include durability, versatility, strength, and robustness, making it perfect material for employ in building and construction industries. At present, steel-framed buildings are in high demand and increasingly getting popularity day by day. Steel buildings provide affordable, efficient, and durable structures for commercial enterprises, agricultural, industrial, institutional, recreational, residential, storage facilities purposes.

Endless possibilities of prefab metal buildings make you wonder why the sudden changes in selecting steel buildings than traditional structures made from timber and bricks. The reason for increased demand in metal buildings over other alternatives is not far-fetched. Steel is still the preferred material used in the construction industry, especially for building industrial, commercial & residential structures, bridges, tunnels, and many more because of the properties they possess.

Some significant features exhibited by structural steels are low weight, high strength, ease of use, and uniformity of properties. Most important, they are more eco- friendly than conventional building options.

If you are still thinking about whether to use metal buildings for your next project, here are some great features of steel structures are the most eco-friendly materials to use.

Steel Buildings Produce Minimum Construction Waste:

Pre-engineered steel framing is quite easy to handle on-site. The erection process takes minimum construction time due to pre-fabricated frameworks. It is light-weight because steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any construction material, resulting in the use of less framing material compared to wood for a similar size structure.

During the steel building installation process, there are little leftovers scrap materials to litter the construction site after the building has been installed successfully. While many construction sites may have large amounts of construction and demolition waste to dispose of, using steel will minimize that problem as it can be easily recycled responsibly. Wooden buildings can leave as high as 20% waste in construction sites while steel structures only leave about 2% waste on the installation site. Besides, steel is the most recyclable building materials on the planet today with no degradation in its performance.

Reduce Energy Cost:

The steel building industry has reduced, recycled, and reused its way toward substantial energy and resource savings. During steel production, water is reused at a 95% rate. If the building becomes obsolete, the steel framing can be reused to redesign or rebuild for a different use, or the steel can be recycled into yet another steel product. 100% of scrap steel is recycled into new steel as we know it is the most recycled material in the world.

The structural integrity of the building is not compromised in adverse weather conditions. The right type of insulation for steel buildings allows them to keep cool for a long time during summer and heat during winter. Steel is highly durable, requires low-maintenance, and sustains for a long time than any other construction material. Energy savings due to reduced maintenance schedule makes the carbon footprint of a metal building even minimum.

Support Solar Energy to Power Your Metal Building

Solar energy systems can be incorporated into a metal building system. Solar panels can be easily installed with steel buildings, but all other building construction materials cannot bear their additional weight. Steel frames are sturdy enough to carry the load from multiple solar panels.

Solar power is an economical, eco-friendly solution to your energy requirements. By creating your energy resources, you reduce electricity bills which save the environment & your pocket as well. A steel roof makes it easy to install solar power panels and other eco-friendly energy-saving elements. Installing the right roof style can save you 40% or more annually on your energy bills.

Steel Buildings Are High-Durable:

Whenever a metal building needs renovations, repairing, or replacement of any component, a reasonable amount of energy is required. A steel building is the most environment-friendly option available because it requires the least amount of maintenance and renovation.

Steel is a highly-durable construction material that is resistant to moisture, termites, corrosion, fire, wear, and tears besides being energy efficient. Robust built quality and design of steel buildings allow them to withstand natural calamities and adverse weather conditions. All these features make steel structures more durable than other alternatives.

Steel Buildings Follow “Green Building” Standards and Codes:

Climate change is a serious global issue, and we must adopt some eco-friendly solutions to protect our environment. So, you must go with the new trend of green building without compromising your building needs.

Steel buildings are famous due to their ability to meet the green building codes standards. The main objective of green building programs is to promote natural resources conservation, through attention to water conservation opportunities, reduce construction waste, encourage recycling, improvements in the air quality of your surroundings, and efficient building operation in addition to energy conservation.

Local authorities or the building department checks your steel structure project for code, snow & wind load, safety, size, aesthetic, and local requirements. So, it has become mandatory to follow sustainable building standards for new construction projects. Some significant characteristics of steel-buildings, such as durability, low maintenance cost, and energy-efficiency, are suitable to meet greenhouse certifications. It meets the requirements for the nation’s leading green construction certifying agencies, such as the National Green Building Program, which certifies residential buildings, and the US Green Building Council’s LEED program, used for both residential and commercial structures.

Environment-friendly Production Process

The use of steel as a viable environment-friendly material is becoming popular these days. Most steel manufacturing units in the world are improving their production process environment-friendly by reducing energy usage. They are committed to producing more energy-efficient steel components with zero carbon emissions and low waste.

Steel structures are an environmentally sustainable choice for most of the customers. Steel production releases no harsh chemicals or toxins, and can easily be retrieved from the environment with magnets.

Above mentioned characteristics support that steel-framed materials are the most eco-friendly to build your dream structure. Well-engineered steel designs are very convenient, affordable, and more sustainable than other alternative structures. So, choose steel as your next metal building project and have a high return on the investment you put into your steel structure.

How Can Viking Steel Structures Help You to Buy Eco-friendly Steel Buildings?

At Viking Steel Structures, we offer a wide variety of different eco-friendly steel building designs. Our perfectly designed, high-quality steel buildings are not only convenient and affordable; they are also more sustainable than alternative structures. Our metal buildings are easy to bolt, weld, or fixed into place, and is also recyclable. Our professional team of steel building experts committed to delivering you a wide range of metal buildings at the lowest price.

We are one of the best steel building dealers in the United States who are capable of confronting your entire requirements through our great-quality custom metal structures. Whether you need steel barns, carports, garages, RV covers, boat carports, commercial, industrial, agricultural buildings, or any other custom building, Viking Steel Structures is the ultimate destination. Our popular RTO and metal building financing options also make your buying experience stress-free. You can also try our online 3D Building Design Tool to help visualize and order your ideal steel structure!

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