Top 10 Reasons Why Furniture Store Owner Choose Pre-engineered Metal Buildings
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Top 10 Reasons Why Furniture Store Owner Choose Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

Top 10 Reasons Why Furniture Store Owner Choose Pre-engineered Metal Buildings
Nov, 2021

Furniture business owners always look for a reliable, robust, and dependable structure to store their finely-built furniture and protect them from harsh weather conditions, pests, and other natural hazards. From premium quality mattresses to office furniture, the inventory includes numerous furniture which requires utmost safety and protection. Simultaneously, you also need a dedicated space to showcase your furniture and invite new buyers.

For all such necessities, Pre-engineered metal buildings are the right and most reliable investment. Most furniture business owners already know the unmatched traits of PEBs, while some are still unfamiliar with metal building advantages. So, without any delay, below are the top 10 reasons why furniture store owners opt for PEBs as the ideal investment.

1. Cost Effective: Buying a custom metal building is smart as it takes less investment than other construction alternatives. The cost per square foot of metal building is lower than timber structures, making it an affordable investment. Regardless of cost-effectiveness, the structure has high strength as it requires less onsite labor work for installation.

2. Quick Installation: The installation of steel structures doesn’t require tremendous efforts by the laborers. The reason is, steel structures arrive at your property in prefabricated components, which only require onsite assembly. These components don’t require onsite drilling or cutting. This saves your time and effort. Above all, the installation of metal buildings reduces your construction cost by nearly 33%.

3. Low Upkeep Cost: Upkeep your showroom or inventory workshop is essential to extend its life and keep your inventory fully secured. The upkeep cost of metal buildings is less than timber structures. With small maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of your steel building and continue using it without heavy repairs or replacements. With a certified steel building, you can reduce the operational cost of your furniture store.

4. 100% Usable Space: Running a big furniture business means you need a vast space without any obstruction. Prefab metal building is the ideal option that serves your needs. Steel buildings are also known as clear span buildings as they provide you 100% usable space without the use of internal columns. This provides you with complete liberty to use the open space the way you want.

With a custom-built steel building, you can finalize any length and length. The steel buildings can be wider up to 300′, enough to make a sports arena.

5. Longer Lifespan: The steel structure can stand still for nearly 3-4 decades with one-time installation. You can further increase its lifespan with regular maintenance. Above all, the maintenance (upkeep) cost is nominal, which doesn’t puncture your pocket.

On the contrary, timber buildings can only survive for 1-2 decades, followed by heavy maintenance and repairs.

6. Endless Designs: Distinct design is not an issue with prefabricated metal structures, as you can choose from various design options. Metal building comes in various options, including Metal Carports, Metal workshops, Metal Garages, Commercial structures, and many more. In short, the buying options are endless, which you can sort based on your business requirements

Today metal structures are not only limited to business purposes. Instead, metal building homes are also in demand. For a furniture store, you can order a commercial metal building with multiple customization options.

7. Easy Expansion and Future Ready: If you plan to expand in the coming years, the metal building benefits you easy expansion without a heck. The expansion of steel buildings doesn’t compromise its strength. With the expansion, you get a robust structure with bigger usable space.

8. 100% Eco Friendly: Steel is a 100% reusable construction material that can be reused for various projects. Once a steel building is demolished, the steel can be reused for other steel structures, saving the problem of landfills and demand for construction material. Furthermore, the reuse of steel minimizes your construction cost.

9. Pest Free Structures: Every furniture store owner always has a big tension, i.e., pests that can damage their assets and cause a significant loss to the business. Steel building has the solution as steel is 100% pest resistant. This means your furniture is entirely safe from pest damage.

10. Fire Resistant Buildings: Another problem that can cause significant loss to the furniture business owner is unnatural fire. You always look for the investment where less investment is required without compromising the security and safety of your furniture from an unexpected fire. Pre Engineered steel buildings can serve your purpose.

So, these are the reasons that you can’t neglect when making your one-time investment and planning a successful furniture business with a low operational cost. Viking Steel Structures is the one-stop destination where custom steel buildings are available for all your needs. You can choose a quick RTO and Financing option to cut your financial hurdle and make the building process easy.

We have a broad range of metal building types that include:

And many more!

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t wait to make the right investment. Instead, give us a call at 877-801-3263 and discuss your custom building requirements.