The Advantages Of Choosing A Metal Building For Your Event
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The Advantages Of Choosing A Metal Building For Your Event

The Advantages Of Choosing A Metal Building For Your Event
May, 2024

Indoor event venues are suitable during winter, but with the coming of spring & fall, people like to book a venue with both indoor and outdoor space. A common problem that venue businesses face is the following:

  1. Not having adequate space for privacy rooms, weatherproof, and venue availability
  2. Some venue misses the key features or may not have enough parking to accommodate all guests’ vehicles
  3. The expenses are too high, and scheduling is stressful

To tackle all these problems, we propose an event venue metal building. But why steel buildings, and how do they help? We will find out here.

Benefits Of Choosing Steel Buildings As Event Venue

Large & Spacious Interior

Steel buildings come with clear span designs with no interior supporting columns or load-bearing walls. This allows you to create an open floor plan & layout with maximum usable space. It can easily accommodate large crowds, making space ideal for concerts, school functions, fairs, exhibitions, or personal events like wedding ceremonies.

You get metal buildings as wide as 300 ft. with a clear span. You can create sections and privacy rooms, a stage, an aisle, a buffet, etc., all under one roof.

Tons Of Options For Customization

Choosing an event venue metal building gives you various custom features to add to the structure. Here are some of them. Have a look:

Lean-Tos: A lean-to is a roof-only structure that provides shade for multiple uses. For instance, you can install them on either side of the building and in front to create valet parking. It makes guests feel special and organizes the parking area for maximum capacity.

Insulation: It creates a sound barrier so music and guest chatting won’t leave the building. The primary purpose of insulation is to reduce heat transfer and minimize condensation.

Vents: Ventilation helps to keep fresh air circulation in and humidity out. It is especially useful for kitchen areas where cooks are busy preparing cuisine for guests.

Height: Steel buildings can be as high as 80 feet. This creates vertical space and gives the illusion of a larger structure, and decorations like chandeliers can increase aesthetics.

Custom Size: You can customize the metal structure according to your needs and the land available. This will help you organize your workflow easily.

Gutter: You won’t want water to downpour over your client or their head. A gutter collects all water incoming from the roof’s peak and redirects it.

Landscaping: Warm, properly manicured, and gorgeous landscaping are essential. Include local plants, trees, and other elements to boost your event venue’s appeal.

All Weather Performance

An event venue metal building will protect guests from harsh UV rays, speedy winds, downpours, hail storms, and seismic activities. Structural steel is immune to rust, fire, pests, and termites. The material is non-porous, dense, and has strength 25x times that of timber.

Affordable Structure

The cost of an event venue metal building ranges between $10 and $25 per square foot for a basic structure. The exact price will vary with customization. Once installed, a high-quality steel structure does not rot or decay with changing seasons, so there is no need to repair or replace panels frequently.

Steel structure requires low upkeep & remains unaffected by pests. Structural steel can last up to four hours when coated with fire retardant. That’s why you get 30% less on insurance premiums. Metal structures can be easily designed to be energy efficient. This will reduce the overall electricity bill, and you can file for tax credit as well.

Eco-Friendly Building

You can include Energy-Star certified appliances, including artificial lights. They will keep the power consumption low and save money. Metal buildings are designed to have large, wider walk-in doors to make them more accessible.

Structural steel has robust recycling programs (98% recycled, 100% recyclable), so it won’t end up in the landfill. This leads to waste reduction. You can further reduce single-use decor and catering supplies to reduce wastage.

Versatile Design

You can use the event venue metal building in multiple ways. Here are some of the examples below for your reference:

  • Public Meeting | Office Event (you can organize a temporary, reusable stage with multiple round table seating)
  • Trade Show | Conference (add a large screen and chairs in a row to your metal structure)
  • Party | Wedding | Family Function (modification as per guest’s need)
  • Buffet | Corporate Dinner | Special Event
  • Art Exhibition | Non Profit Fundraiser | Cultural Event

What To Consider Before Selecting An Event Venue Construction Space?

  1. Location Of Installation (design must comply with the local laws)
  2. Budget (indoor + outdoor)
  3. Dimension (total square footage)
  4. Sound Proofing (to reduce the noise & music)
  5. Parking Space
  6. Layout (to facilitate easy workflow)
  7. Maximum Capacity
  8. Services & Amenities
  9. Ambience & Theme
  10. Insurance
  11. Outdoor Aesthetics
  12. Weather (all year round)

Hurry! Contact Us For Free Quote On Your Profitable Event Venue Metal Building

Now is the best time to buy your event venue metal building and start seeing your business grow. Viking Steel Structures offers custom features that add extra elements to boost the venue’s ambiance. You can also design and view steel structures on your lot using our customer-friendly 3D estimator tool, so go and check it out today!

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Zoe Tomaino
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Willie Baker
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Angie Smith
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Ryan Singh
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Duane Scheivert
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Karen Dickerson
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Fire Marshal
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