Rising Trends In Metal Farm Buildings In Kansas City
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Rising Trends In Metal Farm Buildings In Kansas City

Rising Trends In Metal Farm Buildings In Kansas City
May, 2024

From a moderate climate with four seasons to manufacturing airplanes, this landlocked state of America is a leading wheat producer alongside other agricultural products. We are talking about none other than Kansas. Almost half of the state’s total economy comes from agriculture.

Some top productions from Kansas are wheat, corn, soybeans, and hay, alongside the third largest number of cattle on ranches and feed yards. So, a reliable building is crucial for Kansas’s farmers and ranchers. One such building is a farm metal building.

7 Reasons Behind The Rising Trends In Metal Farm Buildings In Kansas City

1. Clear Span Design

Almost all agricultural farms would prefer to have an obstruction-free interior space. That’s because they have complete freedom to design floor plans. The large space lets you park more than one farm vehicle. This creates a section for hay bale storage in a loft area and another space to store tools and machinery.

Traditional structures require internal support columns for large buildings. The larger the barns, the more complicated the design becomes. Not to mention, complex designs increase the cost of traditional structures.

Clear-span metal farm buildings can be as wide as 300 ft. without internal supporting beams. They can be designed as roof-only buildings, garages, or barns. The lack of internal beams makes them easy to maneuver.

2. Energy Efficient

Farms using metal buildings to keep livestock or farm harvests need to regulate temperature to maintain animal comfort and keep crops, hay, and feed moist. An insulator is essential to maintaining indoor temperature. Some affordable metal structure insulators are fiberglass, expanded polystyrene, etc.

An insulator reduces heat transfer to and from the building, retaining heating and cooling for longer. This saves on power consumption. By adding ventilation, you can minimize moisture and keep fresh air flowing into the barn. You can also invest in solar panels to reduce energy bills further.

Note: Choose a lighter roof color to reflect sunlight, keep the building cooler, and best suit Kansas’s weather.

3. Large & Wider Doors

As farming technology advances, equipment and machinery become larger, better, and more expensive. To prolong the life of these vehicles when not in use, farmers need proper shelter with wider doors for easy maneuvering.

A farm metal building can be custom-made with larger and wider doors without adding any extra supporting logs. Larger doors enable farm vehicles like Big Bud 747 to enter and exit without bumping into sidewall or door frames.

Traditional barns are narrow, making moving animals and machinery difficult. With modern metal barns, you can have wider bays to provide comfortable spacing for the herd. In addition, a wider lane makes it easy to feed animals.

4. Natural Lighting

By installing windows, ventilation, and fans, you can bring in natural lighting and fresh air circulation inside the building. This helps reduce moisture buildup and lowers the spread of disease.

You can install natural lighting sources, such as skylights, solar tubes, etc., to bring in natural light during the daytime. If you don’t like traditional window designs, opt for clerestory windows that are higher alongside the roof. To save money, you can install passive vents such as soffit, ridge, gable, and dormer vents are few to be named.

5. Sustainable Structure

Agricultural steel buildings are made with structural steel that is 98% recycled and 100% recyclable, reducing stress on the environment. Over 90% of water used in steel production is returned to the source cleaner.

It’s a green construction that has less impact on nature and its surroundings. Plus, the government offers various tax credits for eco-friendly and energy-efficient structures.

6.Better Protection

New tools and farm machinery are worth investing in your farm. But since they are expensive, they need extra security from prying eyes and protection from the elements. Forced entry inside a metal barn is a tough job, but steel is quite resilient to forces. In addition, you can add motion sensor lighting and cameras to protect your assets.

The same goes for the livestock. With farm metal buildings, you can easily install curtain walls indoors to keep all cattle, horses, etc., comfortable and safe. These can be opened and closed for fresh air and to separate animals. Overall, metal structures are robust and durable, safeguarding animals from intruders and larger carnivores and protecting them from external climatic conditions.

7. Resistant To Elements

An agricultural steel building is resistant to a number of outdoor conditions. Let’s examine them one by one.

Snow: You can get an engineer-certified steel structure that can withstand a snow load of up to 40 pounds per square foot, and the roof can be raised to a 6:12 pitch to slide off excess snow.

Rain: A corrugated vertical metal roof offers less friction, which helps remove water, dirt, dust, and debris from the roof and toward the ground.

High-Speed Wind: Some certified steel structures can tolerate wind speeds up to 170 miles per hour.

Extreme Weather: Farm metal buildings retain their structural integrity over time. They are quite resistant to daily wear and tear.

Rot & Decay: Metal is an inorganic and non-porous material. It does not absorb water content. So, metal neither rots nor decays. With little care, it will easily last for decades.

Pest Attack: Steel beams & frames do not offer termites, rodents, and insects to rest, feed, and nest. The steel structure is immune to pest attacks.

Various Uses Of Metal Farm Buildings Kansas

  1. Livestock shelter
  2. Hay & feed storage
  3. Farm tools and machinery storage
  4. Farm vehicle shelter
  5. Crop storage
  6. Loafing shed
  7. Metal barndominium
  8. Cold storage
  9. Dairy farm
  10. Food processing unit
  11. Greenhouse

Are You Looking For An Agricultural Steel Building In Kansas?

Viking Steel Structures has your back. We offer high-quality steel with skilled craftsmanship. We design metal farm barns for crop storage, livestock, dairy farms, hay and feed storage, and even farm vehicle shelters. You can now, too, design your very own farm building with the help of our 3D design tool.

Whether you need additional storage space or a new animal shelter, our agricultural steel buildings are perfect for you. Contact us today at 877-801-3263 to book your very own steel building. Take the first step towards creating your ideal farm.

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