Right Steel Building Anchors Can Keep Your Structure Serving for Long
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Right Steel Building Anchors Can Keep Your Structure Serving for Long

Right Steel Building Anchors Can Keep Your Structure Serving for Long
Jan, 2022

Undoubtedly, steel structures are termed as the strongest structures that last for decades compared to other construction alternatives. Most people are already familiar with prefab steel structures’ strength, robustness, and reliability. A steel building’s strength and safety are dependent on a stable base with ideally aligned connections. The entire structure is less stable if the foundation or the connecting bolts are weakened.

However, a strong foundation of a building is the basic need that ensures your structure stands still for decades without falling.

Foundation is the first step in planning a strong steel structure. Installing a custom metal building requires the right permits and metal building plan. If you plan to install a structure with OSHA standards, you should follow the right path to complete your installation process.

Interestingly, not many people take it seriously. The strength and reliability of your structure majorly depend upon its foundation. A wrong foundation can degrade its lifespan and collapse in a short span.

There are different types of metal building foundations that you can choose based on your soil quality and local building codes. The right foundation type helps you build a strong base for your structure.

When it comes to foundation, selecting the right steel building anchors is a must to ensure your steel structure sticks strongly with the foundation and keeps the essentials completely secure from outer weather.

Anchors are the means through which your steel structure is strengthened and anchored into the ground for support. There are four types of anchors for metal building that you should know about.

Rebar Anchors: These are made from steel, and they measure ½” by 32″. Rebar anchors are used for steel structures installed on gravel or bare soil foundation. These anchors are only recommended for areas that don’t witness high winds. The reason behind this is that strong winds can easily erode these anchors and hence result in the demolition of your structure. Installation of rebar anchors requires drilling in the base rail and fixing it with the ground.

Mobile Home Anchors: Mobile home anchors are often known as auger anchors. These anchors don’t require a strong foundation. Instead, these anchors are directly fixed on the surface with your structure. However, as they don’t have a strong foundation, they only provide moderate stability to the structure. These anchors are installed in loose soil and windy areas.

Mobile home anchors are the standard anchors you can consider to get a certified steel structure. Mobile home anchors are further classified into two types. You can call our metal building experts at 877-801-3263 to know more about the auger anchors.

Concrete Anchors: As the name suggests, concrete anchors are used for concrete foundations. These anchors are drilled into the concrete foundation and then fastened with nuts to hold your structure firmly. The size of concrete anchors entirely depends upon the thickness of the concrete foundation.

Remember, concrete anchors are not recommended for asphalt foundations as they may result in cracks in the foundation.

Asphalt Anchors: Asphalt anchors are used to hold your prefab metal building on asphalt foundation. Asphalt anchors are screw-like threads that secure your building on an asphalt foundation. Asphalt foundation is made of sand, gravel, and tiny stones.

Why is Anchor Selection Important?

Anchors are the connecting dots between the foundation and your steel buildings. They are the metal components that bind your structure strongly with the ground and keep it stand still for long without experiencing damage or collapse.

Rightly anchored & installed steel structures can stand still for at least 3-4 decades. Moreover, you don’t need frequent upkeep to keep them in good condition.

Get Right Building with Right Installation Practises

If you plan for a fresh installation on your land, Viking Steel Structures is the right place to land. We have a wide range of metal structures that come with free delivery. Some manufacturers even provide you with free installation. We have a dedicated team of metal building experts to help you plan the right foundation as per the local building codes.

So, before you proceed to your ordering process, give us a call at 877-801-3263, and let’s discuss your building requirements. We can help you find the right building and prepare a robust foundation for it.

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