Rent-to-Own: A Hassle-Free Payment Option for Your Next Metal Building Project

Rent-to-Own: A Hassle-Free Payment Option for Your Next Metal Building Project

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Dec, 2020

Metal buildings are the new trend in the construction industry. People are nowadays migrating from conventional building options to prefab metal building. There isn’t a single reason behind the increasing demand for metal buildings. Instead, numerous reasons influence its boom.

However, one biggest hurdle every metal building buyer face is paying full upfront. Not every buyer is capable of paying the full building price while ordering. Hence people look for a reliable and feasible payment mode.

Currently, every metal building dealer and manufacturer provides two broad options to pay for your steel structure i.e.

Metal building RTO is one of the highly demanding payment options that buyers prefer when ordering a custom steel building. Rent-to-own programs are one of the easiest and stress-free ways to get your metal building without having to pay for the building in one large amount.

There are numerous benefits of considering RTO Program from Viking Steel Structures; some of them are listed below.

Instant Approval: Applying for metal building financing takes a long time than normal. Compared to financing, RTO is the quickest way to get cash for your next big building and complete the ordering process within a short interval of time.

If you cannot make the right selection, get instant approval through the RTO program, and start searching for the ideal building that can fulfill your demands.

No Full Upfront Required: Ordering your dream metal building doesn’t always require a full upfront payment like the conventional ordering process. Instead, you can now pay a small amount initially and book your building. You can further pay the pending amount via monthly installments. Rent-To-Own by Viking Steel Structures gives you the liberty to order a custom metal building with a small deposit and convert the rest amount into monthly installments.

Instant Loan Update: After applying for RTO, it doesn’t take long to check whether you meet the requirement or not. Moreover, the entire process takes a few hours; hence you can get the update for RTO within 24 hours.

No Credit Checks: Many people struggle with bad credit score and hence can’t apply for any financing scheme that can offer adequate monetary funds for their purpose. With Viking Steel Structures’ RTO program, you can stay assured of getting enough sum without credit checks. RTO can be approved with zero credit checks.

No Hidden Charges: Transparency with our customers is what makes Viking Steel Structures the ideal metal building dealer to choose from across the United States. The complete process of Rent-To-Own has zero hidden charges that ensure you get the entire amount with no additional charges. All additional charges are mentioned.

Ownership in 36 Months or Less: Once you start repaying the left amount, you can close the agreement and get complete ownership within 36 months. You can complete the payment schedule and become a proud owner of your dream metal building.

These are some of the prominent reasons why Rent-To-Own is a feasible option for metal building buyers. Now comes the crucial question, how can you check the RTO payment for your metal garage building?

RTO calculator helps you estimate the amount you need to pay as down payment. Tracking your RTO amount is simple. Just visit our RTO Calculator and submit Building price & Sales Tax. After submitting data, you will be provided with the down payment and RTO amount you need to pay every month.

Still, have any queries regarding rent to own? Don’t waste your time; call our building experts at 877-801-3263, and own a metal building with our quick and easy Rent-To-Own options that let you afford the building you always wanted.