Protect Your Chopper with Robust Steel Helicopter Hangars
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Protect Your Chopper with Robust Steel Helicopter Hangars

Protect Your Chopper with Robust Steel Helicopter Hangars
Aug, 2021

Helicopters are high-value assets that require regular maintenance in order to function properly and stay intact. If you own a whirlybird or want to buy one, you should invest in a helicopter hangar to park your helicopter.

A chopper hangar can protect your eggbeater from environmental elements, adverse weather, and vandalism. Steel buildings are a popular option for helicopter hangars due to their distinguishing characteristics or advantages over traditional building options.

Let’s take a look at why steel helicopter hangars are the best option for your copter storage.

Enough Headroom: In a standard design, you can get hangars up to 42′ at the eave height. With customization, even taller towers are possible. Taller hangars provide enough space for a wide range of aircraft while also allowing for two-story offices, kitchens, and pilot and crew quarters. Steel helicopter hangars can provide you maximum usable space, which isn’t possible with conventional structure designs.

Amazing Durability: Metal structures are the most resilient and long-lasting. Steel has the highest strength of any building material; therefore, steel structures protect your copter against bad weather. Steel’s durability also protects your helicopter from harmful environmental factors. Steel also has anti-corrosive characteristics, allowing the structure to last for decades, even in humid environments. As a result, steel helicopter hangars can provide you with the most strength and durability to protect your helicopter for decades.

Prefabricated Sheds: Metal helicopter hangars are delivered to the job site ready to erect. At the nearest quality-controlled plant, every piece of framing is cut, welded, painted, and punched. Each component of the framing is properly labeled for easy identification. The prefabrication makes the construction fast because the installation of components doesn’t take much time. Hence, your metal copter hangar construction will save you a lot of time.

Easy Customizations: Prefab steel structures are fully customizable, and you can easily modify your helicopter hangar. You can choose from a variety of design alternatives or customize your building to meet your specific needs. You have complete control over the building’s design, size, roof, and color.

You can enjoy the multiple functionalities in your metal helicopter hangar with suitable customizations. You can use our free 3D metal building designing tool to design your custom steel helicopter hangar and get a quote for the same.

Best Cost-Effectiveness: A metal building project is a very cost-effective technique to construct, more than any other available building material. To begin with, constructing a helicopter hangar or any other industrial structure with steel is quick and simple.

Pre-engineered steel structures come with pre-drilled holes, a selection of roof and wall panel fastenings, and detailed construction blueprints.

If you engage with a metal building manufacturer, your structure will be personalized to your specifications, which can save you even more money in the long run in terms of rebuilding or redesigning expenditures.

Metal aircraft hangars also have nearly zero or nominal maintenance. There should be no bare edges to rust, and mold should not be an issue if your hangar has sufficient ventilation and a fastening mechanism.

To help avoid these problems, you can apply a variety of coatings. Steel helicopter hangars are pests and mold-free, which help you save a lot in the long term.

Reliable Fire Protection: Fire is something that aviators are afraid of because of the volatile nature of copter fuel. This makes hangars prone to fire accidents.

Steel is a noncombustible material that protects against dangerous hangar fires. Steel, unlike wood framework, never becomes the site of ignition in a structural fire, nor does it give fuel to a fire.

Moreover, metal helicopter hangars also provide extra protection from Mother Nature’s wrath. So, you get a better degree of protection with steel helicopter hangars than other alternatives.

As you can see, metal helicopter hangars are beneficial for people, and you can have amazing housing for your chopper. From quality to cost, you always get the best. So, order your steel chopper hangar today!

Viking Steel Structures has a wide collection of commercial-rated steel helicopter hangars at affordable prices. If you buy from us, then you’ll get a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty.

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