Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings are Green Way of Building

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings are Green Way of Building

Dec, 2019

Pollution & climate change is a rapidly rising problem in the whole world. According to Bimhow, the construction industry contributes to 23% of Air Pollution, 40% Water Pollution, 50 Climate Change, and 50% of Landfill Wastes. So, you can easily analyze that construction is the cause of a substantial impact on the environment.

You might also have noticed the uneven change in the climate in recent years. Many aspects influence climate change and pollution, and one of them is the construction industry. Everyone is refining their industry or workstyle to optimize climate change, and construction industry experts introduced pre-engineered steel buildings, the greenway of building.

Let’s discuss the environmental benefits of pre-engineered steel buildings and know how these are a green way of building & construction.

Green Benefits of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings:

Most Recyclable: Steel is the most recyclable metal around the globe. It can be recycled unlimited times without losing its useful properties. Hence, your pre-engineered steel building is renewable and can be recycled.

No matter what type of waste it is, the steel is easily extracted by the massive electromagnets and recycled. Most of the time, PESB’ s(Pre-engineered Steel Buildings) are made with recycled steel because the steel recycling process has a low carbon emission rate.

So, after completing the life, your steel building is recycled and reformed as other building or something else.

Viking Steel Structures provides the best pre-engineered steel buildings with most recycled metal.

Energy Efficient: Pre-engineered buildings are designed to provide an energy-efficient structure. With the suitable insulation, your metal building can save half of your energy bills, as compared to conventional building methods. The metal roof of the steel structure does not absorb the heat and reflect it, which makes it unaffected of the “Urban Heat Island Effect.”

Urban Heat Island Effects is the phenomenon in which concrete or asphalt buildings absorb the heat during the day and radiates at night. Usually, the temperature should be low at night, but due to this effect, the temperature goes up, and extra energy is used to maintain the temperature. Due to higher urbanization, the heat released is elevated and contributes to climate change. Hence, pre-engineered metal buildings save energy and nature.

Save Landfill Space: The substantial land is occupied with construction and demolition waste. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) USA says, 548 M tons of C&D debris were generated last year. You can imagine the area used to dump this waste. As you know, pre-engineered steel buildings are recyclable and reused after completing life. So, steel buildings are not discarded and reused, saving the landfills spaces due to construction waste.

Reduce Deforestation: In earlier days, the wood buildings were used because of ample forests or trees. But, as you know, currently the required percentage of forests is less than it should be. Most of the forests have vanished for different uses like agriculture, commercial, residential, etc. This deforestation is causing global warming. So, it’s clear that wood buildings can’t be used, and a green building option is required.

The steel buildings don’t utilize any natural resources which impact the atmosphere. So, you can save trees and keep breathing by purchasing a pre-engineered steel building.

No Chemicals Required: Wooden structures are prone to pests, termites, and mold. Wood is an organic compound and habitable for infectants & fungal growths. Different chemical treatments are employed by people to tackle termites and pests. The chemicals used are not eco-friendly.

Steel is an inorganic matter. Therefore, termites can’t damage the building. Pre-engineered steel buildings don’t entertain pests and any other microbial growth. So, there is no chemical treatment required.

Zero Waste: The substantial amount of material is wasted during wooden, concrete building construction, and after serving, the life building itself turns into waste. So, conventional construction methods waste resources. PEB’s are prefabricated at manufacturing plants, and there is no waste at the installation site. Steel structures are durable and last longer, and after that renewed to serve other purposes.

Decrease Air Pollution & Ozone Depletion: This is a significant environmental benefit of PEB because air pollution & ozone depletion is increasing terribly. Wooden buildings are prone to fire and lightning strikes and easily catch fire. The burning structure releases many pollutants that affect the air and the ozone layer. The pre-engineered metal buildings are fire-resistant. Hence, due to this property, it does not impact the atmosphere and decreases ozone depletion.

These are the ultimate environmental benefits of pre-engineered steel building. You can save the nature by ordering and installing a metal PEB at your property. Apart from ecological benefits, there are many cons of pre-engineered steel buildings that make it the first building option.

Viking Steel Structures is a reputed metal building provider across the United States. We provide the best pre-engineered buildings with amazing services and benefits.

We have provided you a green building option. Now it’s your turn to go green. Save mother nature, and order your Pre-engineered steel building now. For any help and all-metal building requirements, call us at 877-801-3263.