Practical Tips to Protect Your Prefab Barn from High Winds in Texas
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Practical Tips to Protect Your Prefab Barn from High Winds in Texas

Practical Tips to Protect Your Prefab Barn from High Winds in Texas
Sep, 2022

Even though steel barns are a smart investment over conventional stick barns, a metal barn purchase is a one-time investment everyone makes in their lifetime. Post installation, you stay assured of high-end safety from adverse weather elements, theft, and vandalism of your belongings.

However, if you live in states like Texas, high winds become a major concern that you shouldn’t miss out on when buying the right steel barn. Combatting high winds is essential to make the right investment and keeping your belongings safe.

Don’t worry! Below given knowledge will educate you with practical tips to protect your prefab barn from high winds in Texas.

Prepare the Right Foundation: Every steel building require a solid base to stand still for long. Hence, buyers must know about different foundations and which among them suits best for them. Four foundation types available for steel barn buildings are gravel, asphalt, concrete, and sand.

You can talk to a professional steel barn expert who can assist you in selecting one of the four foundations and finalizing it for your upcoming steel barn project. Creating a sand foundation is never an excellent idea for Texas residents as the wind can blow off the lightweight barn within seconds and expose your belongings to damage.

Prefer Fully Enclosed Barns: An open or semi-enclosed barn allow wind to pass through the structure and uplift it from the roots. This will ultimately degrade the life of your barn building. Hence, it is highly recommended to prefer a fully-enclosed barn structure that keeps it closed from all sides and eliminates the heavy passage of winds.

Local building codes are yet another recommendation for all Texas residents. It means you should communicate with the building codes in Texas and ensure the building meets the standards mentioned by the local authorities.

Choose the Right Anchors: Anchors are steel rods that attach the steel building to the ground. Right anchor selection is essential to ensure the stability and movement of the steel barn structure.

There are four types of anchors available for metal buildings: Mobile home anchors, Concrete anchors, Rebar anchors, and Asphalt anchors. The selection of anchors entirely depends upon your foundation. Metal barn experts at Viking Steel Structures are always available to help you choose the right anchors and foundations for your upcoming steel barn project.

Certification Matters: Do you know that prefab barn buildings have certifications that ensure your barn structure will stand still against harsh weather elements? A certified steel barn has a vertical roof, vertical sidewalls, and more. You can connect with our metal barn experts at 877-801-3263 and share your certified steel barn needs to install in the shortest lead time.

Certified barn buildings are a top-level investment in the long run. At Viking Steel Structures, we provide versatile steel barn designs that you can shortest and order fully customized yet certified barn structures at an affordable price.

Timely Maintenance Checks: Post-installation, timely maintenance is an essential practice to perform and keep your steel barn as-is for decades. Timely inspection is a good practice that protects your steel barns from dents, damages, paint peel-off, and more.

After any windy weather, you should include a detailed metal barn inspection to find any dents or damages that can give birth to other troubles. Timely inspection with quick treatment/repair can save you a lot and extend the lifespan of your structure.

The protection of your steel barn looks tough, but the points mentioned above will help you to provide premium safety and strength to your bran that ultimately secures your stored essentials or parked vehicles.

So, if you are a resident of Texas, don’t miss out on the above-listed points and ensure the utmost safety from high winds.

Viking Steel Structures is a dependable metal building dealer that offers you a wide range of custom steel barns at highly competitive prices. We provide 100% American-manufactured prefab barns with a 20-year rust-through warranty. Our steel barn buildings can serve you for at least 3-4 decades, followed by minimal yet timely maintenance.

Falling short of full upfront?

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Post-order, you can either pay the rest amount at the time of installation or convert it into monthly installments. You can call our metal barn experts at 877-801-3263 to discuss more about available buying options.