Most Common Customization Options for Your Metal Building

Most Common Customization Options for Your Metal Building

Most Common Customization Options for Your Metal Building
Jul, 2021

Gone are the days when most people used concrete and wood buildings for a living. But everything changes with time. Now they are moving towards metal buildings and using them for business and many other purposes.

Metal buildings are affordable, durable, and the best building material to protect your goods from harsh weather conditions and enhance your property’s value. If you have constructed your house and want to add additional space or build a new building structure, a steel shed can fulfill all your requirements. You can use steel structures for a garage, warehouse and store the essential things you want to safeguard.

Most of you have observed that not all metal buildings are the same because they have different customization offering a distinct look to their structure. So, what are the customization options that metal building dealers offer?

Here are some steel building customization options that you can opt for while ordering your dream steel structure.

Doors & Windows: You can customize your steel building by adding multiple windows and doors, which allow fresh air and sunlight to enter the steel building and reduce the need of electricity in the daytime. Viking Steel Structures allow you to add as many windows and doors as you want to your metal building, depending upon your building dimensions. However, you choose the garage door’s size as per your need. Here is the sheet of garage doors with the size and price for certified and uncertified buildings.

Standard Price of Garage Doors is as below:

Price for Uncertified Buildings:

Size White Door Colored Door
6’X6′ $250 $350
8’X8′ $300 $400
9’X8′ $350 $450
10’X8′ $400 $500
10’X10′ $450 $500
12’X12′ $950 $1050
14’X14′ $1300 $1400

Price for Certified Buildings

Size White Door
6’X6′ $450
8’X8′ $500
9’X8′ $700
10’X8′ $750
10’X10′ $800
12’X12′ $1200
14’X14′ $1800
16’X16′ $2000

Trim: Cover trims are also another essential part that provides looks to your prefab steel building. This includes transition at corners and joints. There are many types of trims available for your building, including corner trim, boxed eave trim, J-trim, L-trim, and a few more. In addition, you can enhance the design of your steel building by matching the color of the ceiling and walls. At Viking Steel Structures, we offer fifteen color options for trim.

Walls & Roof Panels: Metal buildings provide different roof designs, i.e., Regular roof, boxed-eave roof, and vertical roof. We offer a variety of steel building roof options, metal roof systems, and panel systems to accommodate the needs of your project.

You can even change the side profile and roofline. Select a high-pitched roof that can easily drop the shed’s snow and ice, and it can be a good architectural feature. You can also select a low pitched roof that gives a flat appearance like the ground, allowing water to drain easily.

Replacing or modifying the building structure that gives your building a distinctive look.

Insulation: Insulating the entire building and keeping the internal temperature under control. Based on customer requirements, our metal building comes with some widely used insulation types, i.e., Single Bubble, Double Bubble, and woven R-17 options. They all have different features and advantages, so you should choose according to the weather conditions in your area.

Multiple Color Options: You can use additional trims and anchors to enhance the strength of your metal construction and withstand adverse weather conditions. You can choose one that enhances the beauty of your metal structure.

is one of the well-known metal building dealers in the United States of America to offer a vast range of prefab steel buildings with multiple customization options. If you do not have any idea how to customize your metal building, let our team of experts tell you a lot of beautiful customized designs which you can adopt for your next building project. You will get many customized building designs in our catalog. We provide a 20 year rust-through warranty in steel buildings.

For further information, you may contact our steel building advisor at 877-801-3263. We take pride in offering quality products at economical prices along with our superb customer service.