Mistakes That You Should Avoid During Metal Building Installation
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Mistakes That You Should Avoid During Metal Building Installation

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Aug, 2020

You can’t deny the fact that metal buildings have nowadays become a smart alternative to conventional stick buildings. With time, its popularity is also rising, but there is still a lack of adequate knowledge among people.

For every homeowner looking forward to installing a metal building in the coming period, it’s highly essential to know about common mistakes that most people make during metal building installation.

Before discussing common mistakes, check out prominent reasons that make custom metal buildings an ultimate option to invest over other construction materials.

  • Durability
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Time Efficient
  • Cost Saving
  • Flexible Customization
  • Fire Resistant
  • Longevity
  • Less Maintenance
  • Pests Free
  • Optimized Energy Consumption
  • Eco-friendly
  • Fewer Repairs
  • Sustainability
  • Aesthetic Enhancements
  • Weather Resistant

Now, let’s take a leap to those mistakes that you must keep in mind and never commit in your next metal building project.


Unprepared Building Site

People mostly order a building in a hurry without hovering their checklist on the building site. For proper building installation, ensuring your building site is prepared for installation is essential. So, how can you do that?

  • Clear your site and make sure it is free from unwanted obstacles that can halt your installation process.
  • Allocate proper time for the foundation to setup on the ground. Prefer leaving a concrete foundation for at least a week in fair weather before placing a load on it.
  • Ensure your site is easy to reach. Check whether adequate roads and access ways are available for seamless delivery.

An unprepared job site will cost you more than your building price, or installation will be paused for the next date.

Not Taking Local Permits

Every building owner must apply for local permits before installing metal building at their location. A local permit ensures your structure is safe and meets local building guidelines.

However, lacking appropriate building permits can halt your installation process. Further, if you install it without legal consideration, you need to face legal issues in future. In rare cases, your structure can even be demolished if it doesn’t match local building guidelines. So, before you order any building, you must prefer getting all building permits.

Now, some mistakes depend upon how you are installing your metal building. It is hence segregated in three ways.


Not Reading Installation Directions

Every building delivered at your doorstep comes with predefined and prefabricated components that need to be bolted together at the job site. Yet, many local installers don’t read detailed instructions that lead to future troubles. Instructions and Plans are provided with every prefabricated metal building. Still, homeowners entirely believe in local builders and face numerous building issues.

Remember, you must ensure the builder has read instructions thoroughly and is following the same. Metal buildings are manufactured to provide adequate safety and serve you for decades.

Avoiding Safety Protocols

Safety is always number one priority.

Whether you have hired professional building installers or following DIY Installation steps, safety should always be considered at top priority.

FACT: Construction industry witnesses the highest number of job-related fatalities.

And, in almost every case, negligence toward safety protocol was the reason. Hence, everyone must follow safety protocols to avoid any injury and fatality.

Missing Adequate Tools for Onsite Cutting

DIY Metal building kits are delivered to your doorstep in prefabricated components. Still, you might require some cutting at the job site. E.g., installing vents, sunroof, etc. requires cutting onsite. Hence, you require adequate tools to avoid time consumption and extra labor work.

However, when components are already in the right shape and size, they don’t require further trimming.

Remember, unnecessary cutting at a job site causes abnormality during installation and develops numerous loopholes in your final structure. A minor trimming at the job site, builder open area to enter air/water, developing moisture and condensation problem.

Incorrectly Installing Fasteners

It’s essential to look over every single joint on the roof to curb condensation and moisture in a metal building. During roof installation, fasteners are beneficial to cover open spots that can invite air and water, damaging your building. Permanent bond and sliding bond are two types of fasteners that you can decide to ensure zero open areas for building installation.

Also, prefer using the right tools for fasteners. Never over-tighten or under-tight fasteners. Furthermore, don’t drill unnecessary on the roof; instead, use pre-drilled holes to fasten roof panels.


Unloading Building Components Without A Crane

For proper installation and unloading, you require the right equipment and machines. Unloading prefab building components isn’t possible without a crane or forklift. Yet many metal building contractors avoid proper unloading, which results in unexpected injuries. Avoiding proper unloading equipment is also negligence of safety protocols.

Another big mistake often made is, standing nearby unloading machines. During or before unloading, you must ensure that no one is nearby the loaded truck, which can be dangerous and hazardous.

Working in Slots

Mostly third-party contractors work in slots. E.g., day one will include assembly of the building frame. Whereas day two will have installation of panels to cover the building. In this phase, different teams reach the job site to execute their tasks, which is tricky and time-consuming. So, it’s essential to contact a contractor for a dedicated team that can devote collective time in metal building installation.

Be clear about hiring a professional & dedicated installation team and discuss a deadline to avoid unnecessary delays in your metal building installation.

Unskilled Installers

Buying metal buildings from unauthorized or local dealers may require hiring a third-party contractor. Finding a reliable and professional building installer is a hectic task. Many contractors are newbies in the metal building industry and aren’t properly skilled for your requirements.

Hence you must research thoroughly before hiring any metal building installer. Consider reading online reviews, local consultation, and physical presence of the contractor before paying installation fees.


It is highly recommended to order your dream metal structure from an authorized metal building dealer.

Viking Steel Structures is a renowned metal building dealer with the authorized dealership of top manufacturers in the United States. Each building, you get 20-years of rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty. Furthermore, every building comes with a four-season warranty, i.e., you can contact the manufacturer for any fault within the year.

Most top manufacturers like Carolina Carports, Eagle Carports, American Steel Carports, etc. have dedicated and certified metal building installers that take care of every aspect throughout the installation process. They also cover 7-days repair costs to ensure you don’t encounter any fault post-installation. However, if you still witness any fault, you can inform them and get it corrected without paying a single penny.

You get certified metal building installers that ensure your metal garage building is installed with utmost safety and precision.

In short, with an authorized metal building dealer, you can stay assured of everything, starting from its delivery till installation. Further, you can take assistance for post-installation issues that are treated with no time delay.

If you overwhelm these mistakes in your next metal building project, your custom metal building would undoubtedly serve you for long without frequent and heavy maintenance costs.

Further, we do offer Rent-to-Own and Financing options to buy your building today and pay later.

Are you ready to install your dream metal structure with 100% craftsmanship and complete post-installation assistance?

Give us a call today at 877-801-3263 and discuss your building requirements.

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