Metal Carports: We Understand Your Love for Cars

Two Car Steel Carport

Since stone age we humans were always fascinated towards good homes and better transportation, with time we just shifted from horses to horse powers. Human passion towards vehicles has been continuously increased year by year, century by century and now a day we are into an age where this passion has turned into madness. Now we don’t own just a car, we own cars with various types such as:

Hatchback is a type of car with a door across the full width at the back end that opens upward to provide easy access for loading.” This type of cars provides convenient access to cargo space. These cars are much popular in countries where parking is a major problem and fuel prices are high.

Sedan car is a four-door vehicle that often seats four or five people, this can have characteristics like a closed roof and a fixed B-pillar between the windows.” These cars have a three-box layout i.e.  engine compartment, cabin and cargo. Cargo trunk in sedans are narrow thus not much preferred for cargo carriage, these cars are first choice for people who are looking for more comfortable rides.  These cars are further classified into various classes and sizes.

Wagon car is also known as estate car; these are typically extended hatchbacks and have bigger cargo spaces when compared to hatchback cars.

Also, known as crossover utility vehicles, it’s a combination of SUV and Hatchback cars, these cars have good ground clearance and have look like off-road vehicles but they are built for public roads.

People often get confused between a Crossover and SUV, however they do look similar but there is a huge difference between both. SUVs are built on sturdy chassis and especially designed for off-road drives with good ground clearance, awesome looking and better comfort.

These are common utility vehicles for both personal and commercial purposes. These types of cars have cabin with good open cargo space, they have good ground clearance and offers moderate level of comfort.

Vans are common transportation vehicles widely used for commercial purposes as they do have cargo space.

As name suggests these cars are especially designed for sports purpose, they have two doors with great handling and power. These cars are first choice for people who loves speedy drives, top speed of these cars are more than any other type of cars.

Two seater car with permanently fixed roof these are shorten then sedan but offers almost all luxury features like a sedan, these cars have only two doors and less cargo space.

Convertible or cabriolet have roof which can have folding or detachable, these cars are particularly good for two people, one driver and one passenger.

People buy these cars as per their usage, requirements and maintain them as well, but a common problem they all face is the protection of their cars from all natural and unnatural elements. There are various ways to protect your cars like garages, carports, utility carports, custom metal buildings. However, it’s a personal choice how you want to protect your car, but if we are talking about most convenient and economical option, metal carports are most preferred.

A metal carport is a wise investment when it comes to protecting your vehicle from damage. Metal carports are economical and one of the easiest way to protect your cars, if you are not looking to invest more.

Triple Wide Metal Carport



Carports are basic metal building shelter for your car, as shown in above image here carport don’t have closed front and back however its featured with sides enclosed. As Viking Steel Structures provides various custom options you can even order a metal carport which suits your need. There are various mix and match as these are prefabricated metal buildings which gives you option to make your own type of building.

Why Metal Carports for your Car?

Because metal carports are simply AWESOME,
ffordable: Metal carports are more affordable than carports made up of any other material. These carports are prefabricated and their elements are manufactured in bulk, thus the raw material cost, labor cost and all other direct, indirect costs per product gets divided and you get them in best prices. You can buy a basic metal carport with starting price of $800* with 20 years of warranty.

eather Proofed: As these carports are made up of high quality metal alloys like galvanized steel. They have quite good resistance power towards any time of year, with various roofing options like regular, boxed eave or A frame and ridges like horizontal and vertical metal carports able to fight with any weather.

ase: Metal carports gives you a great ease, whether it’s about making a purchasing decision, placing the order, delivery or installation. Maintenance cost of metal carports are low and if you are purchasing it from a metal carport dealer like Viking Steel Structures you even get 20 years of warranty.

pectacular: Metal carports are way more stylish than any other carport, with various custom options you can make your own carport which suits to your car.

palescent: As these carports are made up of metal, they are available in various color options, for instance Viking Steel Structures provides 15 color options.

uscular: Metal carports are undoubtedly strong enough, galvanized steel makes them more muscular and heavy duty thus a metal carport will be with your car and protect it like a best companion.

nduring: Metal carports are durable enough and have average life of around 30-40 years, usually metal carports don’t get damage even due to extreme weather.

So, you can trust a metal carport to protect the car you love. You can even make your carport as exclusive as your car with custom building options, custom color options and you are not limited to it as well if you contact Viking Steel Structures for more custom metal carports.

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