Metal Building vs. Vinyl Structures - Which One is The Best Option for You?
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Metal Building vs. Vinyl Structures – Which One is The Best Option for You?

Metal Building vs. Vinyl Structures - Which One is The Best Option for You?
Jul, 2021

A few years ago, people used concrete and wooden buildings for the perfect storage for their essentials, a garage for vehicles, and many other purposes. The concept of stick structures ultimately prevailed with the introduction of metal building sheds.

Today, the demand for metal buildings is increasing with time, which is why metal buildings are seen more often than other building options.

However, vinyl sheds are also competing to compete with metal buildings. Which one of the vinyl and steel structures best suits your requirements and meets your level of expectation?

Before proceeding, take a look at these building types:

Vinyl Structures: Most of you must have listened to plastic or resin sheds. Vinyl buildings are made of either polyethylene or plastic. Only vinyl buildings are made to withstand fire in various plastic sheds. Vinyl structures are famous among householders because they are resistant to harsh weather conditions and are flexible.

Metal Buildings: Metal structures are the most budget-friendly yet sturdy option for protecting your livestock, vehicles, and other beloved goods from adverse weather conditions. Prefab metal buildings are the highly chosen building option for standing for decades without demanding constant maintenance.

The opposition favors the use of two in various aspects. However, these metal sheds should meet the basic needs of every buyer. So, let’s check both building shed options on multiple parameters.

Protection from Adverse Weather: It is one of the top reasons to investing money in steel structures. Steel structures can easily withstand extreme weather conditions like storms, torrential rain, hailstorm, flood, etc. Vinyl structures are easily destroyed due to harsh weather conditions. However, certified steel structures can withstand extreme weather hazards and protect your belongings with extreme care.

Therefore, if your objective is to protect your hay, livestock, etc., metal buildings are the ideal investment option from the elements of the weather.

Long Lifespan: Long lifespan is yet another major factor to be considered when choosing between vinyl buildings and steel sheds. Vinyl structures may not be stable for long. The quality of plastic buildings degrades over time.

Steel structures are built to serve you a minimum of 40 to 50 years. In addition, your regular maintenance can help you maintain your building well. The standard plastic structure can last for 2 to 3 decades. Remember, vinyl structures can only be replaced when they are over.

However, metal sheds can stand for 4 to 5 decades without constant maintenance. If you do proper checks and timely care are taken, these buildings can last for more than six decades.

Impact on Nature: Plastic is a non-recyclable commodity that damages the soil and affects nature. However, metal structures are the future as they are 100% recycled material.

The steel structures can be malted and rebuilt. Metal buildings are often called LEED-certified structures.

Level of Proficiency at Inception: Plastic structures are easy to install and also come in different components. So, you can customize the building as per your needs. Along with that, steel structures come in a DIY kit option for general installation as well.

Metal building structures come in prefab components. All you need to do is the component’s assembly at the worksite. Therefore, you can save labor costs and installation time. In the case of a DIY kit, you get installation guides that future assist you in the installation process.

All in all, you will find metal buildings to rule over plastic structures. If you have a minimalistic requirement, plastic structures are good to go. However, they can’t deliver you desired results in the long run. For the long-term benefit and worth paying, you should undoubtedly choose prefab steel buildings.

At Viking Steel Structures, we provide you a comprehensive range of steel structures that are available with endless customization options and affordable prices. We are committed to providing you with supreme-quality steel buildings. With all our structures, you get 100% free delivery. Moreover, some manufacturers do provide you free installation. In short, subject to the manufacturer, you can get free delivery and installation.

Buying from Viking Steel Structures is a wise decision to save a significant amount from your hard-earned money. In case of financial troubles, we are always available with RTO and Financing options that help you own any structure with a small initial deposit.

So, what’s next?

Our steel building specialists are always available to assist you in selecting the right and precise structure for your land and provide you top most after-sale service.