Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs)


What are IMPs?
IMPs – Insulated Metal Panels are excellent metal panels ideal for roofing, exterior walls, and other architectural & industrial applications. They are lightweight, have metal skins and are quick to install. They are cost-friendly and have great insulating properties. Designers, architects, and contractors find IMPs best suited for their production projects. IMPs are energy efficient and have great spanning properties. IMPs are manufactured in various panel colors, finishes and polishes. This is a great advantage for architects and designers as colors make everything aesthetic. So if you are an architect, contractor or promoter, insulated metal panels are a great choice for constructions. They are affordable, aesthetic and are easy to install. IMPs are making a difference in the construction industry.

Here, are the top 9 benefits of Insulated Metal Panels.
Ease of Installation

The first benefit of insulated metal panels is the ease of installing them. Its installation requires a few types of equipment like hand drills, band and circular saws, sealant guns, and others. The installation starts after the basic metal layout of the building are done. You can start it from the ground level or interior floors; the vertical installation has proved to be more efficient and fast. Its sides are fastened to the structure using concealed caps and fasteners. They can endure any weather conditions as they are flexible and resilient. They are also called weather barriers of a building. The installation is generally done directly over the metal framing.

Energy Efficiency

For massive constructions, Insulated Metal Panels are the most energy-efficient solution in the market today. They are outstanding thermal conductors having excellent control of heat flowing in or out of a building. This exceptional thermal conductivity quality makes insulated metal panels more affordable and the most prevalent in the construction industry.

Design Flexibility

Insulated metal panels are available in various flat and ridged styles, designed for roofs, interior walls, and exterior walls. They are strong enough, have excellent load-bearing capacities and spanning qualities. They do not need many structural supports to be fastened on them. IMPs are very easy to unite with the structural frames. They are available in multiple forms allowing you to use it in both horizontal and vertical designs. The market nowadays provides these panels in multiple colors, width, and height and allows customization and modulation according to your need. You can now enhance your construction by adopting customized insulated metal panels in them. They increase the construction’s aesthetics. Various polishes, finishes are also available in the market today.

Less time consuming

Insulated metal panels do not require much time to be installed. As they have great strength and have high durability, they require very few supports to fasten them to the structural frame. It contains a foam core in the middle with two sheets of steel covering it. These metal panels are strong and have a great thermal conductivity quality to serve as an exterior or interior wall or a roof, alone. Insulated metal panels are one-step installation panels as they have concealed caps on its sides. So, they are less time consuming, and you can finish the construction project in a much lesser time.

Go green

Steel used as the metal skin of the insulated metal panels is composed of recyclable elements. Insulated metal panels are 88% recyclable. Installation of insulated metal panels is the best way to go green with your construction project. It’s always a good thing to consider sustainability while constructing a building; insulated metal panels make the construction eco-friendly. They greatly contribute to serving the earth as well as maintaining the strength and durability of your construction. A good example is the environmental and health benefits of the new generation of insulated metal panel systems. Their superior thermal efficiency reduces moisture, which can be harmful to residents, as well as heating and cooling expenses.


Durability is one of the main qualities of insulated metal panels. They last too long and age very well too. The metal building that has insulated metal panels installed last longer than the other constructions. The feature and strength of these metal panels can be customized; the color and type of polish can be chosen. Insulated metal panels are weather barriers of a building as they help stand erect in any weather condition. G-90 galvanized, AZ-50aluminium-zinc coated steel and a 70% PVDF fluoropolymer are the best coatings to apply over these panels to ensure durability for a longer time.

Low Maintenance

These durable metal panels inherit the qualities of strength, endurance, thermal conductivity. They surprisingly require very less maintenance over time. They provide long-lasting utility. You don’t have to assign a regular maintenance team for your building for about 70 years.


Another great benefit of insulated meat panels is the cost-effectiveness. As they offer quick installation with incredible strength and energy efficiency, the overall cost is very affordable and worthy. With the ease of one-step installation, insulated metal panels reduce the number of many basic needs of construction projects. The design flexibility and construction benefits noted above allow owners to capitalize on reduced first costs of the building.

Fire resistant solutions

IMPs not only make your building strong durable and aesthetic, but they also provide fire protection. Insulated metal panels provide up to two to three hours of fire resistance. This is another great benefit of preferring IMPs for your construction projects. Fire resistance must be a part of massive construction elements. Insulated metal panels have a non-structural mineral wood panel insulation installed on them to resist fire. The wooden panel provides great protection and performance.

All the benefits listed above clarifies why insulated metal panels (IMPs) is the best solution for any massive metal building constructions. They provide long term performance, endurance, energy efficiency, and design flexibility. They are affordable, and you can choose from a variety of designs.
IMPs are excellent thermal conductors with a wooden panel fitted to fight fire for about 3 hours.

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