Metal Building Permits, Certifications & Building Codes

How To Obtain Metal Building Permits And Certifications?

How To Obtain Metal Building Permits And Certifications
Aug, 2020

Getting metal building permits is a simple process in most of the USA states, where building owners need to describe the metal structure in detail, including its exact use location.

Some states have the provision of a permit that you need to get before building a structure on your property. So, if you are getting a metal building, you’ll need a permit from your local authorities before the installation.

Not all states ask for the permit, and you need to confirm it from your local authorities whether you need a permit or not. If you do, know the application process and requirements to get the permit ASAP.

You can reach us in case if you need any help; our building experts are always available to give you support for approval and other building regarding the process.

Why Do You Need A Permit?

Permits ensure that your building can withstand the local weather conditions and won’t hurt you and your neighborhood. A permit also ensures your building doesn’t intervene with easement, watersheds, setbacks, sewer lines, etc. According to the local winds and snow loads, there are some standards, and your building needs to meet them to get the permit.

So, let’s know the process to get the permit.

How To Get A Metal Building Permit?

Once you are sure you need the permit, you first need to know the requirements to get the approval or permit. The requirements change from county to county in the states. So, reach your local authorities and understand the requirements to get construction approval.

You need to submit an engineered plan or blueprint of your building to the local authorities. You can reach your manufacturer to get your building drawing. Moreover, you need to bear a fee for the permit application that varies according to different departments.

Once you are done with the application process, you need to wait for some time, depending on your building and the area. The permit process in metropolitan areas can take more time than the suburbs. Moreover, if you are getting a commercial or other large building, you have to wait a little longer than the residential ones.

Additionally, some local building authorities ask for foundation plans to ensure the right foundation according to the soil quality. The foundation plans are to ensure the sturdiness of your structures during seismic activities. You can reach a civil engineer or contractor to get the certified foundation plan. You can also reach your manufacturer for the anchor bolt plans.

What If You Don’t Have The Permit?

If your area has the building codes and you need the permit, then you have to get it to install a structure. You can’t install a structure without approval, and if you do, then you have to uninstall after the order from local authorities.

Installers also don’t erect your structure if you don’t have a permit. Now, you need to reschedule your installation, which is chargeable separately. The authorities also penalize you if you consider the construction without official permission.

If you somehow manage to build the shed, you’ll face a problem while selling it. So, there is nowhere you can find peace if you are constructing without a permit. Hence, you must have the permit to build a shed on your property without any legal difficulties.

Moreover, you can also be assured about your metal shed quality to protect your valuables.

How Does Viking Steel Structures Help In Permitting Process?

Viking Steel Structures provide a wide range of certified metal buildings you can choose from. Our certifications with buildings show amazing structural quality and specifications according to the standards. Your building certifications tell that your structure quality is certified by an engineer licensed in your area.

Our certified structures have easy approval, as specifications are verified according to the codes. So, get certified steel buildings with the utmost quality shed with an easy and quick permit process.

Furthermore, we are confident with our building quality and offer you several amazing warranties along with certification. You’ll get a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty.

For more details about the permit process or any support talk to us at 877-801-3263. Apart from this, contact our customer representative today to learn more about the latest metal building prices & visit metal buildings for sale to check various steel building types that we provide to customers.