How Prefabricated Steel Buildings Improves Air Quality?
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How Prefabricated Steel Buildings Improves Air Quality?

How Prefabricated Steel Buildings Improves Air Quality?
Nov, 2021

With time, the level of air pollution is increasing, becoming a critical issue for the entire globe.

For homeowners, business owners, tenants, and other people living on the globe decreasing air quality is a major concern that needs a quicker solution. Most Americans spend nearly 90% of their daily time indoors, which significantly impacts their health and well-being.

Not many of you know that working indoors for a long time harms your body. The reason being indoors (officer environment) have different levels of air pollutants that can harm you in the long run.

Numerous reasons degrade the air quality in your working arena. Indoor pollutants are negligible to experience, but they slowly cause harm to your body and cause illness. Poor air quality has a strong impact on your employees’ medical expenses and has an impact on overall productivity as well.

Pollutants are found in almost every building, whether it’s your home or office premises. However, it’s more important to know the different types of pollutants.

Combustion of Solid Fuel: Whenever you heat or cook something in your home or office, it causes indoor and outdoor pollution. Invisible particles are generated from coal, wood, or other solid fuel that has harmful effects on your body. These harmful particles can cause lung cancer, strokes, heart diseases, etc. If you use gas for cooking, it releases nitrogen oxide, which causes indoor pollution.

Biological Contaminants: It’s common to witness leakage or cracks in your home or office. These cracks allow air to enter and give birth to mold and damp which causes biological contamination in your premises. These biological contaminants have adverse consequences on your health. According to the research, these contaminants can increase the risk of asthma by 40%.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC): There are many VOCs that are released from numerous products like paint, spray, air fresheners, cleaning products, etc. these VOCs harm the human body and can cause air pollution.

Do you know what are the prime reasons behind poor air quality in your office or home? Here are the reasons.

Poor Ventilation: Regardless of what type of building you own, it’s essential to ensure proper ventilation in your structure. It’s tough to keep clean and pure air within until you don’t allow air pollutants to move out of your structure.

Furnishing Items: You have carports, mats, drapes, and other decorative items on your home/officer. The furnishing collects dust that causes allergies and skin problems.

Daily Cooking: Cooking activities and heating with solid fuels, smoking, use of cleaning agents in your home/office, etc., are also common reasons behind poor indoor air quality.

Outdoor Pollution: Outdoor pollution also impacts your indoor air quality. Opening your windows and doors allows air to pass through your building and contaminates your interior air, degrading its quality.

These are some daunting reasons behind poor air quality but do you know. It’s tough to find a solution to these troubles, but the metal building is the ultimate answer to poor air quality.

Yes! Considering prefab steel buildings can help in combating air pollution.

Completely Ventilated: Steel buildings are installed with proper ventilation that ensures poor quality air move out of the building and adequate air circulation.

Steel Never Releases VOC: You will be amazed to know that steel doesn’t release harmful gases and VOCs, which can cause harm to human beings.

Pest Free: Steel buildings are also pest resistant; hence you won’t require chemical supplements for pest control/removal.

Steel Avoid Mold & Mildew: A well-installed metal building won’t allow condensation, mold, or mildew problems. Hence good air quality is maintained within.

Above all, steel is a 100% organic construction material that can be reused for other building options. Viking Steel Structures offers you a broad range of steel structures with easy RTO and financing options. You can further enhance its functionalities with multiple accessories.

So, give us a call today at 877-801-3263 and discuss your building requirements.

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