How Commercial Metal Buildings Transform The Business Industries In The Modern Era?
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How Commercial Metal Buildings Transform The Business Industries In The Modern Era?

How Commercial Metal Buildings Transform The Business Industries In The Modern Era?
Jul, 2024

Prefabricated commercial buildings in modern times have revolutionized how businesses operate and thrive. Metal structures offer unmatched durability, affordability, and flexibility, allowing businesses to expand, innovate, and succeed. With sleek design and customizable features, commercial structures can be tailored to suit any business need. Let’s see how commercial steel structures are transforming modern industries.

1#. Cost Effective Solution

Installing steel commercial buildings is a pretty simple task. The prefab raw materials are mass-produced in a factory, which is why they are affordable. Moreover, structural steel is lightweight, making it easy to ship and install.

Construction takes less time and manpower, thereby saving money. With traditional buildings, the raw materials are designed, cut, and shaped on the installation site, making it longer to complete. As a business, you can get an early start with metal structures and generate profit before your competitors.

2#. Durability & Longevity

Even though metal is light, it can bear more load than wood. It is about 25 times stronger than wood and does not rot or decay with time. This reduces the need for frequent repair and replacement. All this makes metal buildings extremely robust and durable compared to traditional materials.

We suggest you opt for engineer-certified metal structures for areas with extreme weather events. These can tolerate wind speeds of 180 miles per hour and snow loads of 80 pounds per square foot. Pests, especially termites, are barely affected by them, making them long-lasting with minimal care.

3#. Customization Options

You can customize commercial metal buildings with features that increase the functionality and aesthetics of the structure. But exactly what can you customize in a metal building? Check them out.

Clear Span: You can get a metal structure as wide as 300 feet without any internal support columns or walls. This allows businesses to install all machinery, equipment, and packaging machines under a single roof.

Dimensions: Whatever your commercial steel building requirement, you can talk to our team to get complete details on length and width, along with additional features.

Height: A steel building can be as high as 80 feet or even more, depending on the metal dealer. This allows you to create extra space for storage. For instance, you can install a mezzanine or loft area for additional room.

Lean-To: These are roof-only structures that can be attached to any prefabricated commercial building to increase the area. This space can be used to park trucks, employee break areas, or car parking areas. You can also keep tools and equipment that are not sensitive to temperature.

Gutter & Downspout: Any commercial structure must have a proper gutter to handle downpours. The gutter redirects all water from the roof to the ground.

Color: Metal builders offer many color options for businesses. They can either match the color of your new commercial steel building with existing structures or match it with your business identity or logo.

Other than this, there are external facade options to give the structure a unique look, such as 3D, curved, or perforated metal panels with LED lights.

4#. Energy Efficient Benefits

Did you know that commercial metal buildings are more energy-efficient than traditional ones? They can substantially reduce your utility bills. Proper insulation and ventilation systems make the internal temperature easy to regulate, putting less pressure on the HAVC system to function, thereby saving money on energy bills.

If you save 30% or more on energy bills, you can apply for a tax credit from the government. High-performing buildings can save up to $0.60 per square foot on operation and maintenance expenses on a yearly basis.

5#. Easy & Quick Construction

You can opt for prefabricated commercial buildings, as their designing, manufacturing, cutting, and drilling are done in the factory itself. The raw materials are then shipped to the location of installation. Metal, being lightweight, is easy to deliver and maneuver. Hence, the entire construction process is 30% faster than conventional ones.

Apart from fast assembly, it also requires less manpower as most work is done off-site, saving you time and money. As a business owner, your building gets ready soon, and you can start early so production lines can get operational faster.

6#. Versatility Of Steel Buildings

Metal structures are meant for multi-use. You can create and renovate them as per future needs. From retail to industrial sites, they can serve a wide range of industries. Expansive plans and clear span designs make them more reliable as a future-proof building.

For instance, a chain retail store looking to install a new building can have a wider aisle space for customers to browse products, and warehouses can house heavy equipment to load and unload the packaging.

7#. Sustainable Features

Lastly, steel commercial buildings are made using structural steel that is 98% recycled and 100% recyclable. This leads to the circular use of the same materials, reducing the carbon footprint.

Since most raw material processing work is done off-site, very little wastage occurs on-site. Not only that but metal also does not emit toxic fumes over time. It promotes a healthy environment for workers and livestock for agribusiness.

List Of Some Successful Businesses Using Commercial Metal Buildings

  1. Retail Stores
  2. Self-Storage Facilities
  3. Recreation Centers
  4. Warehouses
  5. Shopping Centers
  6. Healthcare Facilities
  7. Manufacturing and Distribution Centers
  8. School and Educational Institutions
  9. Automobile Repair Shops
  10. Agribusiness Such as Dairy Farms and Riding Arenas
  11. Restaurant and Event Venue

Build With Confidence, Build With Viking Steel Structures

Commercial steel buildings are resilient to harsh weather conditions and can withstand daily wear & tear, boost eco-friendliness, and reduce environmental impact. To invest in one of these ultimate innovative structures that can propel your business forward into the future, contact 877-801-3263 today!

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