How are Metal Barns Changing the Farming Industry and Livestock Living?
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How are Metal Barns Changing the Farming Industry and Livestock Living?

How are Metal Barns Changing the Farming Industry and Livestock Living?
Feb, 2021

A metal barn is a much needed prefabricated building for anyone looking for robust year-round housing and shedding solution for horses, livestock, farm, and agricultural equipment that will prevent damage from harsh weather elements.

Modern agriculture or farming is a renaissance industry as it is experiencing rapid innovation. From the smallest, specialized operation to the largest agricultural enterprise, we understand your business’s needs and continue to evolve to meet industry demands. When you think that agriculture and barns have taken a backseat to technology and innovation, you are wrong. Because modern construction technology, especially the metal building industry, offers you the best solution to smoothly operate your farming business.

When you choose Viking Steel Structures, you’ll experience the ultimate advantage at every step of the building process. Our sales consultant will listen to your requirements and work with you to make your agricultural building dream a reality.  Our metal barns have been a favorite storage building for decades, and they have become synonymous with each other.

Our farm and agricultural buildings are top-quality, budget-friendly steel structures useful to protect the farming equipment, machines, hay, farm-products, livestock, etc., from the harsh weather conditions. When wooden barns & other alternate structures proved inferior to new building supplies due to their limitations, steel barns stole the show and didn’t look back since their inception. Our buildings are also cheaper and easier to assemble with lasting staying tough in all weather. Our metal building component is researched and tested to provide superior overall building strength through all conditions.

Regardless of changes in technology and the demands of a modern market, steel barns have risen to the occasion faster than any other alternate. Barns metal building provided by Viking Steel Structures is ideal for protecting your livestock, feed, and farming equipment and tools. And since our buildings are more resistant to fire, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is safe.

Now check why people in the farming industry use metal barn for livestock housing, hay & grains storage.

Highly Durable: Mostly, steel is used as a building material, and steel has high durability to withstand harsh weathers like heavy winds, rainfall, snowfall, etc. Steel barns are unaffected by rotting like wooden barns. Metal barns are long-lasting; therefore, protect your livestock or grains for a long time compared to stick building. Steel does not affect corrosion or rusting, and that’s why you can choose a metal barn if you live in coastal or humid areas.

Appreciable Tensile Strength: Metal barn buildings are resistant to loads or pressure due to ample tensile strength. Steel structures have a high strength to weight ratio than wood. Tensile strength helps metal barn to hold up and save your animals or hay during destructive weather cyclones, snowstorms, hailstorms, etc.

Low-Maintenance Cost: Steel barns need less maintenance than wood or other building. It is easy to clean and less often maintenance required. The paint is effectively immersed in the metal to prevent peeling or fading like wooden buildings. So, a metal farm building is best for your storage or livestock housing purpose because you don’t need to repair or repaint it frequently.

Offer Flexible Customization Options: Metal buildings are customizable and allow you to customize without losing the strength and quality, unlike stick barns. You can get your custom metal barns with desired changes, which are severe in the case of wood. You can also extend your existing metal building as your storage needs increase.

Infectant Free: Wood is vulnerable to pests, termites, and these infectants degrade your building. Molds also affect wood and might infect your livestock or grains. Infectants survive by eating wood, but they can’t eat metal. Hence metal building is infected free and protects your building and assets as well.

Cost Efficient: Metal building manufacturers use steel as a building material, and steel is readily available at a reasonable cost. Steel has lightweight, so less labor and time are required for transporting & installing building parts. Insurances for metal buildings are available at low fares.

Recyclable & Eco-friendly: Reducing carbon pollution and mitigating the effects of pollution isn’t just a growing trend. Sustainable living and agriculture have quickly emerged as a new way of living. Metal is recyclable, but wood is a non-renewable resource. Due to the low costs and quick installation, environmental friendly buyers purchase metal barns to convert to tiny homes.

Recycling reduces carbon emissions and helps in improving the carbon footprint of the country. You can also reuse your old building parts for other suitable tasks. So, a metal building is eco-friendly and best fit for farming needs. It is also a perfect structure for your livestock housing and grain storage because it can defend against every adverse weather conditions. They offer built-in resistance to damage from high winds, heavy rain, snowfall, irritating molds, a devastating fire, sizzling lightning, and even earthquakes. Hence, a metal barn is a revolution in the farming industry that offers fantastic benefits than wooden barns.