Get Best Hurricane Protection with Florida Steel Buildings
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Get Best Hurricane Protection with Florida Steel Buildings

Get Best Hurricane Protection with Florida Steel Buildings
Sep, 2021

The drill is familiar to Floridians. Hurricane Season is in full swing in Florida from June through November. You prepare stock up, and keep an eye on the newest storm tracking information.

You want certainty and firm facts when facing a Category 3, 4, or 5 hurricanes that will bring rain, wind, and destruction. Protecting your family, house, and personal belongings is a top priority when you’re concerned about them. Let’s look at the benefits of prefabricated Florida steel buildings in terms of safety and protection.

Ultimate Strength: Instead of the traditional block, stem wall, or wood frame construction, a Florida steel building becomes a permanent structure with metal building components. Hurricanes’ strong impact winds cannot breach the extra-strength metal design season after season.

Rust-Proof: Hurricanes deliver torrential downpours, which create floods, in addition to strong winds. Rust-resistant bolts and fasteners secure a Florida steel building to the concrete foundation if it is submerged in water.

Buckle-Resistant: Following a hurricane, there is always the wreckage of downed trees and projectile debris that smashes structures. Steel buildings do not buckle or cave in when hit by falling trees or other debris because of their design and construction.

Noncombustible: When a hurricane rolls through, lightning strikes from the storm are frequently used to start fires, but steel is not one of them. It is made of materials that are resistant to fire. A non-flammable steel building can tolerate heat and resists burning.

No Wind Lifting: Gusts from Category 2 hurricanes can reach 95 mph, while Category 5 hurricanes can reach 157 mph. Because metal building components are used, prefabricated steel structures can resist hurricane-force winds of up to 180 mph.

Cost-Savvy: It’s time to analyze the damage a metal building may have experienced after a cyclone has passed through. The most common types of damage discovered are carpets, cabinetry, furniture, and drywall. The steel building’s structure is still intact, decreasing the expense of rehabilitation.

Mold-Free: Unlike drywall, wood panels, or wood studs, no porous materials are used in the construction of Florida steel building constructions. Mold or mildew cannot grow on or in such metal building components, which is a common problem after a flood. This type of construction material helps to avoid the spread of any fungal infection.

Building Codes Compliant: Building codes for new construction in Florida were not updated on a regular basis prior to 1992, the year of Hurricane Andrew. Since then, the storms have grown in size and wreaked havoc on numerous regions that aren’t normally prone to hurricanes. As a result, there is a strong drive in all 67 counties for more hurricane-resistant building construction, which has been shown to lessen the number of people killed and property damage.

Certified Metal Buildings: Prefabricated steel buildings that are certified have a greater level of engineering built into them. Non-certified structures are lacking in a number of places. For example, they lack the supplementary support bracing, fasteners, and anchors required to achieve certified structural standards. Hence, a certified steel building is something you can rely on for hurricane protection.

All the unique features of Florida steel buildings make these capable enough to deal with hurricanes and protect you and your assets. So, you should buy a steel building in Florida to safeguard your valuables effectively from hurricanes.

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