Flaunt Your Unique Home with Industrial-style Metal Home Buildings
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Flaunt Your Unique Home with Industrial-style Metal Home Buildings

Flaunt Your Unique Home with Industrial-style Metal Home Buildings
May, 2021

People keep exploring the new shed designs for their homes to stand out and have an astounding home. They want the best structural features with appealing aesthetics to flaunt their home.

Industrial steel buildings are getting popular among people as the new home shed option. Industrial sheds don’t only surpass the strength requirement for a home, but you can also build an engrossing home with the right design. Industrial-style steel homes have all the essential features that a homeowner needs, offering the perfect housing.

Industrial metal buildings are used as warehouses, manufacturing plants, livestock housing, business purposes, etc., as these provide exceptional robustness. However, a classification can’t restrict you from using these as your home.

As you can see, you will have a myriad strength with the industrial style metal homes, and our diverse designs and customization will help you get the enticing looks.

Homes are the constant need of people, and a shed that has the utmost structural integrity and aesthetics is all a homeowner needs. Industrial-style metal homes have these integral features and are perfect to be your home.

Here are some features that are making industrial-style steel homes trending these days.

Appreciable Durability

Commercial-grade provides the best strength to safeguard you and your family. However, you also get longevity along with robustness. We use galvanized steel that provides anti-rusting properties and makes your steel home damage-resistant. Hence, your steel home will withstand all the adverse weather conditions and fight the harmful environmental elements.

Prolonged exposure to elements like water, dust, and sun causes aging, and metal homes have resistance to these. So, your metal home will work the same as one expects their home would. You get the best protection for decades while having amazing looks.

No Architect Required

Generally, when you start a construction project, you need to hire an architect to design your shed and supervise the construction. You need to pay the hefty fee to the architects, but you can save these with industrial-style metal homes. When you choose to buy a metal home, you deal with our metal building experts that help you get and design your dream home for free.

The building experts will help you find the best steel home according to your requirement. Moreover, you can also get consultation for the customizations to meet your specific requirements. You can also use our 3D steel building design tool to design and visualize your perfect steel home. So, select an industrial-style steel home to get the best shelter for yourself.

Column-free Interiors

Traditional buildings have too many columns inside the structure to support the roof and increase the strength. These columns occupy space in the shed, and you have to adjust your functionalities according to these. That’s the reason people weren’t choosing industrial buildings to be their home. However, steel buildings are the modern shed solution and provide clear span structures.

Hence, you don’t have to worry about the columns when you choose industrial-style metal homes. It’s not like the strength will be less; steel buildings are way stronger than the conventional structures, even without columns. The effective framing makes the shed endure all the extremities and safeguard you effectively.

Hence, it’s beneficial to have a metal home.


It’s a misconception that steel buildings don’t look good and aren’t right for the home. It’s a myth; steel homes are the most versatile sheds. Traditional buildings have some design limitations due to low strength and no malleability. Steel has high tensile strength and amazing malleability, opening various design opportunities. Hence, be creative and design your steel home the way you want.

Steel can bend to form your desired design while providing the best strength. Therefore, you can have the coolest house around with steel homes.


Cost-effectiveness is the most desired feature, and you can get it with metal homes. You can get the industry’s metal home prices from us to support your affordability. We serve hurricane-rated steel homes at affordable prices.

As the pre-engineered steel buildings have panelization, it economizes the freight and installation cost. Furthermore, the damage-resistance of the steel homes reduces that maintenance requirement and optimizes your expenses. Steel homes don’t entertain the pests, and you don’t need to spend on the pests control as well.

So, there is a lot of saving, and you do with the metal homes. The insurance fares of steel buildings are also low due to high security and non-combustibility.

These are some features that are making industrial-style metal homes popular among US citizens. So, choose this amazing shed option and get yourself the perfect home that protects you best and looks outstanding.

Viking Steel Structures is one of the top metal building dealers that can provide you high-quality metal buildings. If you buy your steel home from us, you’ll get a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty. So, grab all these benefits and the best features-packed metal home now!

If you need any help and support, you can reach our building experts at 877-801-3263.