Eliminate Overcrowding in Schools with Prefab School Buildings

Eliminate Overcrowding in Schools with Prefab School Buildings

Eliminate Overcrowding in Schools with Prefab School Buildings
Apr, 2022

Overcrowding is one of the most pressing challenges confronting American schools and teachers today. This issue stems from population growth, teacher shortages, and financial cuts, all of which have resulted in record-high class sizes. Apart from the above, post-COVID19, people are coming back with their daily routine. Many countries have reopened schools, colleges, and offices to realign their economy and bring everything on track.

If your kids have also started going to school, you must know the importance of the right infrastructure. School infrastructure plays a significant role in delivering quality education to the students. However, many parents would be amazed to know that during the 2019 NAEP math assessment, 60 percent of fourth-graders and 66 percent of eighth-graders attended public schools with overcrowded classrooms. Overcrowding in the classroom is a global issue that hinders effective teaching and learning.

Overcrowded schools give birth to numerous problems that include:

  • Excessive Noise
  • Less Focus & Attention in School
  • Increased Classroom Discipline Issues
  • Increased Risk Factors like Conflicts, Tensions, etc.
  • Lack of Personnel Connection with Teacher

All these problems make overcrowding a big reason behind declining education quality across the country. If you run a school and face overcrowding issues, Viking Steel Structures can help you with the right and most practical solution.

Yes, we are talking about prefabricated school buildings that can eliminate your overcrowding issues and give a clear span yet a peaceful place with a small investment.

Why do School Steel Buildings Make Sense for You?

Investing in a prefabricated steel building gives multiple benefits compared to other similar options. You must consider the below-listed advantages before diluting your savings in a prefab school building.

Budget-Friendly: You don’t need to be a tenant with a prefab school building. Instead, you can own a building and use it as a landlord. Multiple customizations can further help you enhance the beauty and functionality of your classroom.

You can get a fully-featured school steel building at a lower cost based on your custom dimensions and other customization requirements.

Low Maintenance, High Performance: Steel is resistant to pests, red ants, rot, and other wood-related issues. Furthermore, it also has a high melting point, making your school building highly secure against wildfires or manmade fire accidents. Steel school structures are built with high-end steel with a standard lifespan of 3-4 decades. However, you can extend its life with timely maintenance.

When steel buildings are compared with wood structures, you will find that steel structures require minimal upkeep. The reason is that steel buildings for shoo are installed with a vertical roof that allows easy runoff of water, debris, and snow. Hence, you don’t require frequent roof maintenance, saving a significant investment on maintenance.

Low Insurance Premium: Ensuring your building is always a good practice to stay safe from unexpected disasters. steel is a strong, incombustible, and durable building material that results in a low insurance premium. This makes custom steel building for schools a cost-effective investment.

Fully Customized Buildings Available: Customization helps you match a building as per your needs. Steel buildings come in versatile designs and multiple customization options. Numerous customization options include skylight, insulation, walk-in doors, roof styles, and more. You can order a fully customized steel structure starting with its dimensions. If required, you can extend it in the future to get additional space for the students.

Aesthetic Appeal: Above all, you can’t neglect the appealing look a metal school building can provide over conventional structures. You can make your school building stand out from the crowd with accessories and customizations. Steel buildings are the modern building solutions that can give an appealing look alongside eliminating the overcrowding problem.

Get Your Steel Building for School Today

Viking Steel Structures has a wide range of buying options that you can choose to overcome your school overcrowding problem. We ensure you get a long-lasting metal building from us with highly competitive prices, the shortest lead time, and quality customer support.

If you can’t pay full upfront, choose from our Rent-to-Own and Financing options, where you only need to pay a small deposit and book your customized school building right away.

Use 3D Estimator to Design Your Own Building

Viking Steel Structures understand the challenges for first-time buyers. Hence, we provide 3D building estimator where you can design your school building from scratch and order it once you are satisfied with the virtual design of your school structure.

If you want to ensure quality education in your school, now is the time to buy a prefabricated school building today!