Economic Advantages of Metal Buildings
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Economic Advantages of Metal Buildings

Economic Advantages of Metal Buildings
May, 2024

Metal buildings are made using reusable, dense, and durable materials with attractive customization options for residential, agricultural, and commercial sectors. Here, we will examine the cost-effectiveness of steel structures more closely and understand why they are suitable for such a wide range of scenarios. So, let’s start.

I. Initial Cost


The cost of a metal building per square foot ranges between $10 to $25. This can be higher or lower depending on the complexity of the design, location, and size. However, metal building comes at a reasonable price. Are you running on a tight budget? Don’t worry! Viking Steel Structures has a weekly metal building on sale for you. Check it out.

Fast Assembly

The majority of a steel building is designed, cut, painted, and drilled in the factory away from the installation site. This reduces wastage and speeds up the process. Upon arrival at the construction site, the assembly process is quick, taking less time.

Finishing up a simple garage structure takes less than a week. You don’t have to worry about theft & vandalism of construction materials.

Labor Charge

Fast construction leads to less demand for labor, which significantly reduces accidents and labor costs. Since the entire process is smooth and quick, you also don’t have to deal with hefty labor insurance.


Once you order a steel building, we ship it to you within a couple of weeks. We also have a construction team for your help. Our quote includes shipping and installation. You just have to order and prepare the site (cleaning, permit, and foundation); we will take care of the rest.

II. After Purchase


Wood may have aesthetic appeal, but it is susceptible to moisture, insects, rodents, termites, rot, and decay. Structural steel, on the other hand, is resistant to moisture, insects, fire, and harsh weather conditions.

Galvanized steel is rust-resistant and retains its structural strength with time. This reduces maintenance costs. You won’t have to spend money on frequent repairs and replacement of roof or side panels.

Energy Efficient

You can add insulation and vents to make a steel building energy efficient. They will reduce moisture, heat transfer, and humidity. Metal frames are sturdy and can bear more load. So, you can install solar panels to generate electricity.

Opt for Energy Star certified appliances to reduce power consumption. Light-colored or reflective paints on the roof can decrease the heating and keep the building cooler inside. You can also add a lean-to in front of the large doors to reduce direct sunlight and heat.

Tax Credit

It is easy for metal structures to get LEED certifications. You are eligible for tax credits if your metal roof is Energy Star certified. Saving energy of 30% or more can get you a tax credit of up to $3,200 per year.

For commercial settings, you can save $0.60 per square foot on operation & maintenance expenses per year.


Fire retardants, like intumescent or vermiculite, create a protective layer over frames, posts, and panels that can withstand fire for up to four hours or more. Insurance companies know about the strength and resilience of structural steel. That’s why they offer up to 30% or more on insurance premiums.

III. Benefits

Impact On Nature

Once the steel is produced, it can be used multiple times without losing its strength and durability. In fact, the structural steel recycling rate is 98%, and it is 100% recyclable. With steel, there is no deforestation and habitat loss for other species. It is eco-friendly.


Steel does not emit toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) over time. It is healthy for human occupants and factory workers and suitable for livestock shelters. Metal is also anti-fungal, reducing the chances of mold and mildew growth.


Steel is strong and hard for intruders to break into. Your belongings are safe and secure. You can create aviation storage, warehouses, or animal shelters without worrying about security. Steel buildings can be incorporated with IoT devices, enabling you to control & view your building remotely.

Resale Value

Metal structures do not decay or rot, retaining their resale value with time. Commercially, these are low-risk investments as they can be easily revamped into another use case without going through extreme structural changes. This will save both money and time.

Steel buildings are being used in a wider array of industrial, agribusiness, and residential sectors. You can add customization features to increase functionality and aesthetics.

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Zoe Tomaino
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Willie Baker
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Angie Smith
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Ryan Singh
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Duane Scheivert
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