Crucial Things to Consider When You Build A Steel Riding Arena

Crucial Things to Consider When You Build A Steel Riding Arena

Things to Consider When You Build A Steel Riding Arena
May, 2020

Pre-engineered steel riding arena construction is a significant metal building project that is perfect for covered show arenas, boarding stables, barns with stalls, and training facilities. Before spending money on the high-quality indoor riding arena kits, it is highly recommended to analyze all possible requirements like budget, space, location, weather, certifications, future conditions, maintenance, etc. When looking into indoor riding arena designs, you should keep in mind that you are going to be spending a lot of time practicing and performing there. So, your preferred metal building arena must have an obstruction-free space and environment that is comfortable and enjoyable.

Whether you are looking into covered riding arenas for any use, you will require a sturdy and dependable frame. But, if you don’t opt for the right building system or ignore some crucial building features, then you are going to regret your investment. Our steel riding arenas are perfect for covered or open wall wide-open spaces. The large spans give you ample room for horse training, roping, riding, and jumping.

In earlier days, there were limited options, and you have to deal with traditional building’s limitations, even after spending a lot of money. Now the time has changed, and so does the construction industry.

There are some reliable and advanced building systems available by manufacturers. So, if you are building a riding arena, then look for some mandatory characteristics that your steel building must-have.

Let’s discuss these essential building features that you should consider for your riding arena construction.

Usable Space

Usable space is a thing that you must consider while choosing a building for your equestrian. More open room for use, the better it will be. If we compare all building options, then all structures need columns for support except steel buildings. Steel buildings provide a clearspan structure allowing full space for use. You can store your horse stuff in extra space or arrange additional seating for the audience during competition. The steel riding arena will not have any column in the middle, which can ease your many tasks and open up various functional opportunities. So, if you want all your space to be utilized, then build a steel riding arena in any way you choose fit.

Construction Efficiency

Everyone wants their construction project to be completed as soon as possible. Typical construction requires many labors and resources while consuming substantial time and producing construction waste. So, it’s quite clear that conventional construction projects are not efficient and need much time. The only building system that provides impressive construction efficiency is metal buildings.

Pre-engineered steel buildings have a quick construction feature, and the panelization mechanism makes building installation fast at minimum resources. Hence, you can build the same size steel building quicker and efficiently than a conventional structure.

So, build your arena in 30% less time than traditional building construction time and at less labor & zero construction waste.

Durability and Energy Efficiency

Durability is a must-have feature so that you can keep doing things you build your arena for any purpose. Several environmental elements impact structures and degrade them. Moreover, extreme weather also damages and reduces the life of these structures.

Hence, you should get a structure that has properties to fight harmful elements and withstand all harsh weather conditions like blizzards, hailstorms, cyclones, etc. steel structures are eminent in terms of durability. Steel has maximum strength and anti-corrosive properties, making it stand firm against all elements and worst weather. So, your steel equestrian will house you for decades that aren’t possible with any other alternatives.

Further moving, you’ll need to install heaters or ACs in your riding arena for maintaining a comfortable temperature, causing extravagant electricity bills. You can decrease bills if you have an energy-efficient structure. Steel structures have an add-on feature of insulation, and your insulated steel buildings can help you save up to 50% on your energy bills. So, you can economically operate your riding arena with an insulated steel horse-riding arena.

Less Maintenance Requirement

Everything needs maintenance for quality services, but sometimes excessive maintenance vexes you and increases your expenses on building maintenance. You should get a building that is immune to harmful factors, and you can easily upkeep your arena. Steel buildings are easily maintainable buildings.

Steel has no effects from weather-elements and rusting, and you need to do the regular dusting. Moreover, metal building’s paint is infused during fabrication, which doesn’t fade and makes a protective shield to your horse shed.

Additionally, steel is an inorganic compound and doesn’t entertain any mold, pests, and termites as traditional barns do. So, you don’t have to spend on pests and termite control, and you’ll get a hygienic space for free. Hence, get your metal riding arena and maintain it effortlessly.


Cost is a prominent factor that everyone should consider and compare to crack the best deal. You should make sure that you are getting excellent quality in return for your investment. Moreover, you should also consider construction cost, labor cost, maintenance cost, etc.
Steel buildings fit in your budget requirements perfectly. Steel buildings are available at affordable prices with flexible payment methods.

Furthermore, in other building systems, you have to take care of your construction and labor costs, but we are offering you metal buildings with free delivery and installation. So, you can get above unique features while being cost-saving.

Lastly, as we discussed, metal buildings need less maintenance, which reduces regular maintenance costs that is mandatory on other building alternatives. So, stay economical with your steel horse-riding arena.

These are factors that you should seek in your building for your riding arena. Although, all metal buildings have these characteristics and you don’t have to think about various other options. Steel buildings are the safest and reliable structure to shelter your horses and other recreational activities.

Viking Steel Structures is one of the best metal building dealers and provides the best American made horse barns and arenas. If you have any custom requirements, all customizations to our prefabricated steel arenas can be added to your structure at the time of ordering your building. You can also use our 3D building estimator to design your dream building. We also offer a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year panel warranty. So, order your steel arena now!

Each of our metal riding arenas is engineered in a manner that has the equestrian in mind. For placing your steel structure order and any assistance talk to our building expert at 877-801-3263. We’re here to serve and assist you through the building selection process.