Factors to Consider For Metal Building Foundation

Considerable Factors about Metal Building Foundation You Must Know

Factors about Metal Building Foundation
Feb, 2020

“You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you’re going to have a strong superstructure.” –Gordon B. Hinckley

The building foundation makes sure that your building stands effectively and houses all your needs. The strength of a structure lies in its foundation, and this phenomenon applies to all types of buildings, including metal buildings.

Metal structures are the eminent building option having many structural and operational advantages, but you should ensure a proper foundation to utilize the capabilities fully. Improper foundation can compromise the strength of the building, and result in some installation issues.

To get a perfect building base, you should consider some vital factors while pouring your steel building foundation. Let’s discuss these important factors.

Prepare Your Site Appropriately

 For a flawless foundation, you should ensure adequate groundwork. The level of the ground should be uniformly leveled for even the foundation surface. You can DIY the site preparation if you have some relevant experience; otherwise, hire a professional to do the job correctly.

Know the importance of groundwork for your metal building.

Foundation Should Be Precise

 Metal buildings are engineered, designed, and fabricated at the manufacturing plant, and any variation in the foundation can create trouble during erection. Moreover, if your building gets installed without any difficulty, but still small foundation mistakes can diminish your building strength in the future during harsh weather conditions and natural disasters. Steel structures need a perfect foundation to provide you best service for decades.

Accompany Manufacturer’s Plan

As you place building order, your manufacturer provides you a plan designed by experts. You should follow this plan to do the foundation task correctly. Don’t follow random advice; different steel buildings have their unique base requirements that you should follow to get the best out of your metal shed. Install the steel anchors in the wet concrete at the same position and way mentioned in the manufacturer plan.

Furthermore, if your area has local building codes then take care of the building standards to pass the inspection process. Metal building codes for foundations are designed considering soil quality in your area and weather conditions so that your building can withstand all the circumstances of your region.

Types of Steel Building Foundation

There are commonly three types of foundation used in the metal building industry.

Slabs: Concrete slabs are mostly used foundation systems. It provides a supporting base to metal framing along with the concrete floor for your steel structure.

Piers: This system is used for the buildings with gravel and dirt floor. Sometimes, agriculture buildings employ this foundation. The piers foundation is preferred in the partially open buildings like open pavilions and equestrian arena. Concrete piers are poured in the soil with one pier supporting each column of framing. The piers are tied together underground to avoid shifting.

Perimeter Walls: As the name depicts, the foundation is poured around the exterior of the structure. This foundation is also known as perimeter footing because the foundation provides footing around the steel framing walls.

These foundations are used in conjunction with each other to get the desired strength.

Types of Foundation Material

Concrete Foundation: A concrete slab is an ideal foundation to keep your assets to be dry, clean, and safe. Dirt and gravel floors are also used in the industry, but mostly for agricultural use. Dirt absorbs the water, which can result in wear & tear along with the rusting of metal parts. So, if you don’t want your valuables to suffer all these issues, then employ a concrete base. Concrete bases offer a clean and dry environment to house your stuff.

Gravel Foundation: Gravel floors are the most cost-effective option. Although gravel base leveling varies with time and develop trenches, you need to re-level the foundation frequently. These foundations are commonly used in livestock housing, horse barns, and other farm uses.

So, choose the one according to the use of your structure.

Hire a Contractor

You are recommended to hire a professional to pour your building foundation if you don’t have any construction experience. Due to negligence, your cost-saving efforts on the foundation can cost you higher in the future. So, understand the significance of the base and hire a contractor to do the task.

You should do proper research for the concrete contractor businesses, and check their license, insurance, reputation, and BBB rating.

Get Your Permit

You should get your permit before you start any construction process. If you ignore the permit, then you might face sudden halts or problems during building erection. So, follow the building codes provision to get approval on time and ensure a seamless installation.

Let the Concrete Slab Dry Properly

Building an erection on a wet foundation can affect your building strength and lead to mold issues in the structure. The weight of the framing and panels can disturb the leveling of the flooring, which can cause still water rusting your metal structures. So, you should give your building ample setting time to achieve its maximum sturdiness. The setting time varies depending on the factors like the thickness of the slab, weather conditions, temperature, and air circulation. Talk to your contractor to know your setting time. If there is any time restriction and you want on your building on a specific time, then your contractor can help you quicken the setting process by adding some chemicals.

These are some of the crucial factors you should ponder while making the building foundation. The performance of your steel building depends on the foundation, and you should consider all these factors for a successful construction project.

So, no matter which building you have for a metal garage, steel carport, boat carport, horse barn, you need to consider these important factors about the foundation.