Five Common Misconceptions about Boat Covers

Common Misconceptions about Metal Boat Covers

Common Misconceptions about Metal Boat Covers
Oct, 2019

Wooden buildings were used by people to safeguard their boats. Some promote fabric covers to protect watercraft, but these options have some limitations and don’t provide all-over protection. Metal buildings are introduced to overcome the flaws, but some people created some misconceptions due to insufficient knowledge or random perceptions.

Let’s break some myths about metal boat covers that are stopping you from choosing a metal boat carport for your watercraft.

Metal Boat Carports are Expensive:

It’s the most popular myth about metal boat covers because metal buildings are cost-efficient. Nowadays, pre-engineered metal buildings are employed, which saves 30% of all over the cost of traditional construction costs. PEBs come as dismantled parts and need to bolt together with the frame, which doesn’t consume much time and labor cost. It is a onetime investment with lifelong services, although you need to pay a substantial rent to marinas for a specific time. Hence metal boat carports are not expensive, efficient instead.

Attract Lightning Strikes:

Many think that metal is a good conductor of electricity, hence prone to lightning strikes but the current of the strike flows to ground the directly through frame of the metal buildings and does not impact paneling and stored assets. Earth has a positive potential, and the lightning strike is negatively charged so current flows to the ground rapidly without spreading on panels.

High probability of Electric Shock Due to Live Wires:

As discussed above, metal is a good conductor, but current get grounded more quickly because the ground is at zero positive potential and current (at high potential) flows high to low potential. The metal building frames are well-grounded and do not flow through a panel of the building. Hence there is no need to worry, and you should follow proper site preparing guidelines to avoid grounding related issues and make sure adequate wiring of the building.

Metal is Vulnerable to Rust:

Yes, it is true metals are affected by rust and corrosion, but it’s obsolete now because metal buildings these days come with a proper chemical treatment to be rustproof and anti-corrosive. Steel is used as a building material that has high durability and resistive properties against rust & corrosion. Hence metal buildings have a long life span, although wood buildings have a short service period because of rotting, termites, etc.

Any Cover Will Work:

There is a diversity of metal boat cover designs, and individual design is for particular environmental conditions & requirements. Buying a random metal boat cover can be fruitless and waste of resources. You should proper examine your needs and environmental conditions before getting a metal watercraft cover. If you live in an average weather conditions area, then you can buy vertical roof type metal boat cover, else for protecting your yacht from harsh weather. You should go for fully enclosed all vertical yacht metal carports. If you are still confused then call & talk to our knowledgeable building experts and they will get you the best suitable options for you.  You can design your building at yourself with our 3D Carport Builder.


These are some myths that you know and don’t let you manipulate. Metal buildings have the upper hand in almost every aspect as compared to traditional building alternatives. You can buy your next metal boat carport or other metal buildings like metal carports, metal barns, etc. at Viking Steel Structures. Visit our website, or call us at 877-801-3263 to order now.