Commercial Metal Building - A True Goldmine for Mining Industry

Commercial Metal Building – A True Goldmine for Mining Industry

Commercial Metal Building - A True Goldmine for Mining Industry
Apr, 2021

Mining is one of the major industries of the United States of America. Mining industry was evaluated during colonial times, but after the 19th century, industry hiked to the next level.

Fact: In 2012, U.S. mines directly employed more than 630,000 workers for wages totaling $46 billion.

You can visualize massive demand in the mining industry and at what level mining businesses have employed local people. Running a mining business further require a shelter/building for various purposes i.e.

  • Office building
  • Prep plant
  • Maintenance building
  • Vehicle garage
  • Bulk storage
  • Warehouse storage
  • Equipment storage
  • Foreman’s room
  • Employee locker room, etc.

The mining industry is also influenced by numerous environmental factors that include mountaintop removal, acid mine drainage, etc. For your workers’ complete safety and adequate space for smooth operations, you need a sturdy and long-lasting steel building.

Investing in a commercial metal building is the right step toward a profitable business. A custom-built metal structure bestows numerous benefits; some of them include:

Durability: Steel is a durable construction material when compared to other building alternatives. Its high durability, anti-corrosive, and rustproof trait make it an ideal construction material for your mining industry. The durability of steel makes your steel structure capable of confronting adverse climates like downpours, hailstorms, seismic activities, etc.

Quick Installation: Steel structures are made installation-ready by the manufacturer. These structures are pre-punched and prefabricated, requiring only assembly at the installation site. So, ordering an industrial metal building will take less installation time than stick structures. Further, you don’t require additional customization at Jobsite, saving your labor cost and time consumption.

Save Your Money: In the mining industry, growth is marginal; hence you always prefer a cost-efficient investment that can last for decades and cost you the least. Metal buildings are one of those investments that don’t puncture your pocket. Instead, it costs you less than conventional building alternatives.

Fact: Metal buildings save 30% of conventional building construction cost

Versatile Customization: Customization is never a heck in metal buildings as they are available with diverse designs. Further, you can customize a structure based on your mining-centric requirements. All buildings installed at your job site don’t have columns that bestow a vast open area for your mining operations. You can now use 3D Building Design tool to design your tailor-made steel building and order it direct.

Fire & Pest Resistant: Steel is an alloy that isn’t damaged by pests. Further, the high melting point of steel makes it the best construction material. Steel structures can provide 100% safety and security to your mining assets and workers from a disastrous fire. Certified steel structures are also available to confront natural calamities like floods, heavy snowfall, seismic waves, and more.

Longer Lifespan: Conventional timber buildings can only survive for 1-2 decades, followed by frequent maintenance and repairs. However, a prefabricated steel building is made to serve you for 4-5 decades without fail. Steel buildings remain free from natural disasters, fire, pests, and other hazards that can degrade their lifespan.

Save Power Bills: Uninterrupted power supply is essential for regular work in the mining industry. However, non-mining operations consume significant power to keep assets safe and free from condensation, rot, or corrosion. Metal buildings are far better in this aspect. These buildings can save up to 30% of your power bill and provide complete protection from outer environment conditions.

LEED Certified: Not many businesses know that custom metal buildings are also acknowledged as LEED-certified buildings as they don’t harm nature in either way. Steel manufacturing leaves minimal residue as most of the steel is reused. Moreover, the building is 100% recyclable allow doesn’t affect the environment.

Viking Steel Structures provides you custom steel buildings with diverse designs and easy customization options. You can make your selection and order it via call 877-801-3263 or by sharing your details on the product page.

With all our metal structures, you will get a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty.