Combat Mold & Fungus with Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

Combat Mold & Fungus with Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

Combat Mold & Fungus with Pre-engineered Steel Buildings
Aug, 2022

Fungus and mold are the two prime issues every stick barn owner faces in the rainy season or wet environment. Timely inspection and repair are the only options to deal with these troubles.

Commonly, mold and fungus create spots in the wood that degrade its strength and turn it vulnerable to minor accidents. Your protected/stored items are often exposed to the outer world, developing new problems for the owner.

If you are a stick building owner, you might have invested significantly in preventing fungus and mold. Unfortunately, your practice doesn’t work for long. You can only combat a wood building with frequent inspection and regular maintenance from fungal and mold-related issues.

Although such frequent checkups and repairs are costly when calculated in the long run. So, is there anything that eliminates these frequent troubles and assures you long-term protection with the least investment?

You get it right! Pre-engineered steel buildings are the modern solutions that provide you the perfect investment Pre-engineered alternative to traditional stick buildings.

Why Wood Witness Mold or Fungal Problems?

Have you ever imagined what causes mold or fungal problems in traditional wood structures? The reason is that wood is an organic material that can be easily digested by mold. Hence, they eat the wood and decompose it, creating pores in the building structure.

Ultimately, your building strength is compromised, which might lead to a lower lifespan and cause damage to your stored essentials.

Why Are Steel Buildings the Perfect Replacement for Wooden Buildings?

You already know that steel is inorganic, which makes it resistant to fungus, mildew, mold, and other wood-related troubles. That’s why steel buildings suit perfectly to combat these moisture problems and keep your valuables safe.

To get more into the reason behind being mold-resistant, below are the two reasons that make steel prefab buildings the unmatched alternative to conventional stick buildings.

Frames are Made of Steel: Everything is composed of steel, from the base rail to the gables and trusses. It implies that the entire structural load is supported by inorganic steel frames that are resistant to mold, fungus, and other wood-related issues.

Steel Don’t Support Moisture or Condensation: Moisture is a significant threat to wood buildings, and that’s another big hassle for wood structure owners. Steel doesn’t encourage mold and hence serves you with a long lifespan.

Steel Buildings are Prefabricated: The third and most crucial reason behind the high endurance of steel buildings is that they are bolt-together at the job site. Steel structures are partially built at the manufacturing unit and are assembled onsite. It means they are highly durable and keep your steel structure stable during any natural or manmade disaster.

Wood Swell with Change in Temperature

Another big reason behind the low lifespan of timber buildings is that wood contracts and expands with temperature change. This change in size creates structural issues in your building.

Expansion and contraction caused by the temperature change harm the building’s durability.

For all these reasons, a steel building is the most feasible, dependable, and reliable structure that can serve your prime needs and keep your stuff away from mold, fungus, and other moist troubles.

Control Moisture Growth with Prefab Buildings

Mold and fungus primarily develop on moist surfaces. Wood encourages moisture that grows mold and fungus, compromising air quality.

Yes, you heard it right! Mold, fungus, and other moisture problems directly impact the air quality that causes various allergies.

On the other hand, using steel building keeps you 100% safe from these problems ensuring good air quality.

Regardless of how well your ventilation is, the air quality is always compromised in a wood structure. These biological pollutants are the prime culprit here.

Battling these common pollutants becomes a mess for wood building wonders. That’s where custom steel structures are preferred.

Viking Steel Structures houses an extensive range of prefabricated metal buildings that can replace traditional wooden buildings and turn your existing premises into a mold-free area. Whether you use your structure for storage or parking, you can stay assured of good air quality, high structural strength, and certifications against harsh weather conditions.

What else do you need in the long run?

Should you invest only in a custom metal building to eliminate mold or fungus?

Undoubtedly, NO!

Custom prefab metal buildings have many other reasons that outrank other building options.

Here are some reasons that you must equally consider for decision-making.

  • Steel Structures are fire resistant that keep your essentials safe from wildfire or manmade fire accidents.
  • Steel is 100% recyclable, which makes it an eco-friendly construction material.
  • Steel structure upkeep cost is far less than conventional wood buildings.
  • Most metal building dealers offer you easy RTO and financing options to buy your dream building with a small upfront.
  • The structural strength of prefab buildings is always at a higher end compared to timber structures.

Above all, whenever you book an ideal steel building, you get multiple customization options that perfectly match your customized needs.

Viking Steel Structures is the one-stop destination to fulfill your broad requirements and bestow a perfect steel building at an affordable price. You can count on us when it comes to durability, affordability, and premium customer services.

With that said, you now have strong reasons to migrate from traditional structures to steel buildings and build a mold and fungus-free environment with utmost safety for your valuable assets.